Daily Current Affairs Quiz – 20th & 21st December 2020


Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2020 of 20th & 21st December 2020. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2020 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) International Human Solidarity Day is observed on which of the following date?

A) December 11

B) December 12

C) December 14

D) December 15

E) December 20

2) PM Modi to address India-Japan Samvad Conference On which of the following date?

A) December 22

B) December 23

C) December 21

D) December 24

E) December 25

3) Who among the following will deliver the inaugural address at IISF 2020?

A) Nitin Gadkari

B) Nirmala Sitaraman

C) Prahlad Patel

D) Narendra Modi

E) Amit Shah

4) The government of which state has launched the Special Varasat campaign to curb property and land-related disputes in rural areas?

A) Chhattisgarh

B) Uttar Pradesh

C) Haryana

D) Bihar

E) Madhya Pradesh

5) Mega Leather Park with Rs. 5850 croreinvestment  is all set to come up in which city?

A) Dehradun

B) Surat

C) Kanpur

D) Delhi

E) Pune

6) MG Vaidya Passes who passed away at 97 in Nagpur was the first spokesperson of which organization?



C) Congress



7) Who among the following will be the chief guest at virtual centenary celebrations of Aligarh Muslim University?

A) Venkiah Naidu

B) Anurag Thakur

C) Amit Shah

D) Prahlad Patel

E) Narendra Modi

8) Skill India has established the first Centre of Excellence for Skill Development in Power Sector in which state?

A) Jammu & Kashmir

B) Haryana

C) Punjab

D) Chhattisgarh

E) Gujarat

9) Mohammad Amir who announced his retirement from international cricket played for which country?

A) Australia

B) England

C) South Africa

D) Afghanistan

E) Pakistan

10) India has ranked ______ in the Human Freedom Index 2020 released by the Cato Institute.

A) 147

B) 109

C) 111

D) 110

E) 101

11) The World Bank has approved a _____ million project to improve education quality.

A) $750

B) $800

C) $550

D) $650

E) $600

12) RBI has slapped a ______lakh rupees fine on Urban Co-operative Bank in Kerala.

A) 30

B) 35

C) 50

D) 45

E) 40

13) PM Modi has presented the ASSOCHAM Enterprise of the Century Award to who among the following?

A) Shiv Nadar

B) Aditya Birla

C) Anand Mahindra

D) Ratan Tata

E) Mukesh Ambani

14) Who among the following presented the PanditDeendayalUpadhyay Telecom Skill Excellence Awards?

A) Anurag Thakur

B) Niramala Sithraman

C) Prahlad Patel

D) Nitin Gadkari

E) Ravi Shankar Prasad

15) Who among the following won the Young Champions of the Earth winners by the UN environment agency from India?

A) AnomlPrashar

B) Sunil Gupte

C) Vidyut Mohan

D) Ramesh Singh

E) Vasu Vashisht

Answers :

1) Answer: E

International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated every year on December 20.

According to the UN website, the day celebrates unity in diversity throughout the world and serves as a reminder to governments to respect their commitment to international agreements and raise public awareness.

International Human Solidarity Day also reiterates the importance of solidarity in removing poverty.

The day was proclaimed by the United Nations’ (UN) General Assembly on December 22, 2005.

According to the United Nations Millennium Declaration, solidarity is one of the fundamental values that are essential for healthy international relations.

2) Answer: C

Prime Minister NarendraModi is set to address the India-Japan Samvad Conference on December 21.

This Samvad Conference revolves around the need to build the future of Asia on the positive influence of traditions of non-violence and democracy in Asia.

The first conference, Samvad-I, was held in New Delhi in 2015, at Bodh Gaya. During Samvad I, leading scholars, religious leaders, academics, and political personalities had exchanged views on conflict avoidance and environmental consciousness.

3) Answer: D

Prime Minister NarendraModi will deliver the inaugural address at the India International Science Festival (IISF) 2020  through video conferencing.

Purpose : To promote scientific temper in society, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Earth Sciences in association with VijnanaBharati conceptualized the India International Science Festival.

Launched in 2015, IISF is a celebration to promote science and technology.

Aim : The aim is to engage the public with science, celebrate the joy of science and show how Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM can provide solutions to improve lives.

Goal : The goal of the IISF 2020 is to help youth develop 21st century skills, with a focus on scientific knowledge, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. A long-term objective is to encourage students to study and work in scientific fields.

4) Answer: B

In Uttar Pradesh,the  government has  launched a special campaign to curb property & land-related disputes in rural areas.

This is a first of its kind campaign to end the nagging land-related issues in the rural areas.

Aim : It is aimed at eradicating the exploitation of the villagers in the name of ‘Varasat’ of land and property.

This special campaign will continue till 15 th February next year.

5) Answer: C

A mega leather park will come up in Ramaipur village of Kanpur with an investment of Rs 5,850 crores.

The park which is part of the mega leather cluster project is likely to create 50,000 jobs, for 1.5 lakh people.

Recently, the project has received approval from the Union Commerce Ministry.

The mega leather cluster project will attract an investment of about Rs 13,000 crores.

6) Answer: D

Senior RashtriyaSwayamsevakSangh (RSS) ideologue and first spokesperson of the organization, MadhavGovindVaidya passed away. He was 97.

MG Vaidya was an ace journalist, ex MLC, Sanskrit scholar and first official spokesperson of RSS.

The RSS is the ideological mentor of the BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP),and he became a member of the RSS in 1943.

He was also a member of Maharastra’s Legislative Council as the Governor’s nominee between 1978 and 1984.

7) Answer: E

In Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister NarendraModi will be the chief guest at the virtual centenary celebrations of Aligarh Muslim University .

This is for the first time in over five decades that any Prime Minister of India will attend a function at Aligarh Muslim University.

Earlier to this Prime Minister LalBahadurShastri attended an event at AMU in 1964. Before LalBahadurShastri, then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had visited AMU four times. He visited the AMU campus first time in 1948 and lastly in 1963. Union Education Minister Ramesh PokhriyalNishank will also join the event via videoconferencing.

8) Answer: B

Skill India has established the first Centre of Excellence for Skill Development in the Power Sector in the campus of National Institute of Solar Energy, Gurugram Haryana.

Inaugurating the Centre, Minister of State for Skill Development Raj Kumar Singh stated that India is taking rapid strides to move towards renewable energy to accelerate economic development, improve energy security and energy access while mitigating climate change challenges too

The Centre of Excellence located in Gurugram is an outcome of collaboration between the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India, along with the Ministry of National Education and Youth, Government of France and Schneider Electric.

Centre has high-end modern labs designed keeping in mind the future technology, which will further strengthen India and France’s relationship in the energy sector.

The Centre of Excellence will focus on creating a pool of highly skilled trainers and assessors for further training to increase employability of candidates in the field of Electricity, Automation and Solar Energy Sectors.

9) Answer: E

Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir has decided to quit international cricket alleging ‘mental torture’ from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Amir played 30 Tests, 61 ODIs, and 50 T20Is in his international career, picking up 119, 81, and 59 wickets in the three formats respectively.

His last appearance for Pakistan came in the T20I series against England in August earlier this year.

10) Answer: C

India was ranked 111th out of 162 countries in the Human Freedom Index 2020 report released by the Cato Institute, plummeting 17 spots from its position in the last index.

In 2019, India was ranked 94 on the index.

The countries that ranked in the top 10 are New Zealand (8.87), Switzerland(8.82), Hong Kong(8.74), Denmark, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Estonia, and Germany and Sweden (with the last two tied in the 9th place).

Syrian Arab Republic is the last ranked country with a human freedom score of 3.97 out of 10.

About Human Freedom Index 2020:

The Human Freedom Index 2020, Published by the Cato Institute in the United Fraser Institute in Canada.

11) Answer: B

The World Bank has approved 4 india projects worth $800 million to support development initiatives.

This is the second operation in a programmatic series of two. The first operation of USD 750 million was approved in May 2020.

The 4 Projects are :

USD 250 million : Second Dam Improvement and Rehabilitation Project (DRIP-2)

USD 68 million :  In Nagaland, Enhancing Classroom Teaching and Resources Project

USD 100 million : Chhattisgarh Inclusive Rural and Accelerated Agriculture Growth Project (CHIRAAG)

USD 400 million : Second Accelerating India’s COVID-19 Social Protection Response Program.

12) Answer: C

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)  has imposed a monetary penalty of 50.00 lakh on The Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd in Kerala.

This fine is for non-compliance with directions issued on Income Recognition and Asset Classification (IRAC) norms and on Management of Advances-UCBs.

Statutory inspection of the bank with reference to its financial position as on March 31, 2019, conducted by RBI, revealed that the bank had not complied with the directions, the central bank stated.

A notice was issued to the bank asking why a penalty should not be imposed for non-compliace with the directions issued by RBI.

The penalty has been imposed through an order dated December 11.

13) Answer: D

Prime Minister, NarendraModi addressed the ‘ASSOCHAM Foundation Week 2020’ via video conferencing on 19th December 2020.

The theme of the programme : India’s resilience: Atmanirbhar roadmap towards a $5 trillion economy.

Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM) Foundation Week was organised from 15 to 19 December 2020.

And also Mr. Tata will also be honored with the Global Visionary of Sustainable Business and Peace award by the Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce on December 21.

14) Answer: E

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Communications and Electronics &IT and  SanjayShamraoDhotre, Minister of State for Communications and Electronics & IT,  presented the PanditDeendayalUpadhyay Telecom Skill Excellence Awards including cash award.

First Prize – Shri.SreenivasKaranam of Bangalore – Rs 50,000 Second Prize – Prof. SubratKar of New Delhi  –Rs 30,000

The PanditDeendayalUpadhyay Telecom Skill Excellence Awards scheme was launched in 2017 by DoT.

Significance of the award : to reward the successful telecom skilled people for their special contributions  in the areas of Telecom Skilling, Telecom Services, Telecom Manufacturing, Telecom Applications in deploying telecom dependent sectoral solutions for different fields such as agriculture, commerce, health, education etc.

15) Answer: C

Vidyut Mohan was one of the Young Champions of the Earth winners by the United Nations Environment Programme.

A 29-year-old Indian entrepreneur is among the seven winners of the prestigious Young Champions of the Earth 2020 prize given by the UN environment agency.

Young Champions of the Earth is given to global change-makers using innovative ideas and ambitious action to help solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

The prize is annually awarded to 7 entrepreneurs under the age of 30.


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