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Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 of 11th & 12th July 2021. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) What is the theme of the World Population Day 2021, observed every year on July 11?

(a) How to safeguard the health and rights of women and girls now

(b) Rights and Choices are the Answer

(c)Family Planning is a Human Right

(d) Investing in teenage girls

(e) Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies

2) National Simplicity Day has been observed every year on which among the following day?

(a)July 11

(b)July 9

(c)July 13

(d)July 10

(e) July 12

3) Which among the following organisation has announced July 12 as World Malala Day?


(b) UNDP

(c) UN

(d) UNSC


4) Khadi and Village Industries Commission have recently secured trademark registrations in Bhutan, UAE and Mexico in order toprotect the identity of brand “Khadi” globally. TheTrademark registration of KVIC has now extended to how many countries?


(b) Five

(c) Seven

(d) Ten

(e) Eleven

5) Which among the following State has recently released the new population policy for 2021-2030 on the occasion of World Population Day?

(a) Sikkim

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Tamil Nadu

(d) Uttar Pradesh

(e) Mizoram

6) India’s first cryptogamic garden has been inaugurated in Uttarakhand. In which among the following district does the garden inaugurated?




(d) Chamoli


7) During the 12th meeting of the BRICS S & T Steering Committee, STI-led BRICS Innovation Cooperation Action Plan (2021-24) has been agreed by all BRICS Countries. What does “T” mean in STI?

(a) Technology

(b) Tangible

(c) Termination

(d) Transparent

(e) Transportation

8) Which among the following country has pulled out around 50 diplomats and security personnel from its consulate in Kandahar in Afghanistan?

(a) Pakistan

(b) US

(c) India

(d) China

(e) Israel

9) Global Mobility Aids Action Group has been launched by which among the following to examine and improve the transport journey of mobility aids, including wheelchairs?

(a) AOPA

(b) IATA

(c) ACI



10) What session of the India-Italy Joint Commission for Economic Cooperationwas held virtually?

(a) 20th

(b) 19th

(c) 16th

(d) 21st

(e) 18th

11) Which among the following ministry has inauguratedthe country’s First Private LNG Liquefied Natural Gas plant in Nagpur?

(a) Coal Ministry

(b)Transport Ministry

(c) External Affairs Ministry

(d)Finance Ministry

(e) Defence Ministry

12) Which among the following has reached the Vaingaichunpao railway station in Manipurfrom Assam thus become a first passenger train in the state?

(a)Rajdhani Express

(b) Shatabdi Express

(c) Tejas Express

(d) Goa Express

(e)Chennai Express

13)  Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa’s has set to develop 46 Kempegowda heritage sites.Which among the following site is not in the list?

(a) Ramanagara

(b) Chikballapura

(c) Bengaluru Urban

(d) Tumakuru

(e) Bagalkot

14) Which among the following state has launched “department of indigenous faith and culture” to protect demography and indigenous culture”?

(a) Mizoram

(b) Gujarat

(c) Nagaland

(d) Assam

(e) Punjab

15) Which among the following Airways becomes the first airline in the Middle East to join the IATA Turbulence Aware platform?

(a)Singapore Airlines

(b) Cathay Pacific Airways

(c)Qatar Airways

(d)Emirates Airways

(e) Qantas Aiways

16) Axis Bank would acquire 9.9 per cent stake in Fettle Tone LLP for Rs 90.8 crore to strengthen its insurance business. Fettle Tone LLP is a promoter of ___________

(a)Acko General Insurance Company

(b) Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company

(c) HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Limited

(d) Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd

(e) Max Bupa Health Insurance Company

17) The Reserve Bank of India has imposed a monetary penalty on 14 banks. What is the monetary penalty imposed on State Bank of India?

(a)Rs 2 crore

(b)Rs 50 lakh

(c)Rs 3 Crore

(d)Rs 30 lakh

(e)Rs 20 lakh

18) The International Cricket Council has decided to relieve the CEO with immediate effect.Who is the CEO of ICC?

(a)Sharad Pawar

(b) Jagmohan Dalmiya

(c) Shashank Manohar

(d)Manu Sawhney

(e) David Morgan

19) Which among the following platform has finally appointed Vinay Prakash, an India-based grievance officer mandatory for all social media companies under the new Information Technology Rules of the country?

(a) Twitter

(b) Youtube

(c) Whats App

(d) Instagram

(e) Facebook

20) The ICCR has established ‘Bangabandhu Chair’ at which among the following university to honour Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?

(a)Bangalore University

(b)Kozhikode University

(c) Delhi University

(d)Bombay University

(e)Madras University

21) Axis Bank has signed an MOU with defence sector to offer a defence service salary package with best-in-class benefits and features under its ‘Power Salute’ initiative?

(a)Indian Air Force


(c) CRPF

(d)Indian Navy

(e) Indian Army

22) Novak Djokovic has won the 20th Grand Slam Wimbledon title. Who among the following has won the Women SinglesTitle?

(a)Karolína Plíšková

(b) Elise Mertens

(c)Ashleigh Barty

(d) Veronika Kudermetova

(e) Hsieh Su-wei

23) Pawan Singh has become the first ever Indian juror to be selected for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games. How many Jury members would be officiated at the Olympics?

(a) 26 Members

(b)20 Members

(c)28 Members

(d)25 Members

(e)21 Members

24) The Copa America final match has won by Lionel Messi by defeating Neymar. The Final Match was held at which among the following Stadium?

(a) Beaver Stadium

(b) Maracana Stadium

(c) Ohio Stadium

(d) Neyland Stadium

(e)Kyle Field


25) The Board of Control for Cricket in India has formed a seven-member working group for domestic cricket. Who among the following member is not the member of the working group?

(a)Devajit Saikia

(b)Mohammed Azharuddin

(c)Avishek Dalmiya

(d) Debashish Mohanty

(e)Rohan Jaitley

26) Panayambally Krishnakutty Warrier has passed away recently in Kerala. He was  ___________ by profession.


(b) Journalist

(c) Dermatologist

(d) Cartoonist

(e) Dancer

27) Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulos II has passed away recently.  He was the Supreme head of ____________ Church.

(a) Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

(b)St Stephen’s Basilica Church

(c) Seville Cathedral Church

(d)Indian Orthodox Church

(e) Cologne Cathedral Church

28) ‘The Art of Conjuring Alternate Realities: How Information Warfare Shapes Your World’, has been authored by whom among the following?

(a) Balakrishana Reddy

(b) Anand Venkatanarayanan

(c) Shivam Shankar Singh

(d) Both A & C

(e)Both B & C

Answers :

1) Answer: B

World Population Day is an annual event, observed on July 11 every year, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues.

The theme for World Population Day 2021 is “Rights and Choices are the Answer: Whether baby boom or bust, the solution to shifting fertility rates lies in prioritising all people’s reproductive health and rights.”

The event was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989.

The day was first celebrated on July 11, 1987, inspired by the celebration of “Five Billion Day” as the world’s population reached 5 billion.

2) Answer: E

On July 12, National Simplicity Day is observed to commemorate Henry David Thoreau, an author, poet, and philosopher.

Thoreau offered ways for individuals to tap within themselves and be happier via a less busy lifestyle in his book “Walden” (1854) and other publications.

He urged people to live simply by getting rid of superfluous possessions.

National Simplicity Day arose from a desire to be free of the world’s complexity and to enable us to simply be simple.

This day focuses on disconnecting from technology and unneeded stress in order to embrace life as it is and not to complicate things.

3) Answer: C

World Malala Day Observed on July 12.At age 17, Malala was the youngest recipient ever of the Nobel Peace Prize.

On this day in 1997 Malala Yousafzai was born in Pakistan and in 2013 on the same day i.e.12th July she gave her historic address in United Nations.

From 2014 onwards, United Nations has decided to celebrate this day as Malala Day in her honour. The day also honors the rights of children and women.

4) Answer: A

Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has recently secured trademark registrations in three countries – Bhutan, UAE and Mexico – a big stride towards protecting the identity of brand “Khadi” globally.

KVIC’s trademark applications are pending in 40 countries across the world that include the USA, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Japan, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brazil and others.

While KVIC obtained the latest trademark registration in Bhutan on 9th July; trademark registration was granted in UAE on 28th June. With this, KVIC has succeeded in securing trademark registration for the first time in a Gulf country.

Earlier, KVIC got the trademark registration for “Khadi” in Mexico in December 2020.So far KVIC was having Trademark registrations for the word mark “KHADI” in 6 countries namely Germany, UK, Australia, Russia, China and EU where trademark registrations were granted in certain classes.

However, with recent trademark registrations in Bhutan, UAE and Mexico, the number of such countries has gone up to nine

5) Answer: D

On the occasion of World Population Day Uttar Pradesh government released the new population policy for 2021-2030.

This policy comes after a draft of the population control bill. As per the new population policy, a target has been set to bring the birth rate to 2.1 per thousand populations by 2026 and to 1.9 by 2030. The state’s present total fertility rate is 2.7 percent currently

6) Answer: E

India’s first cryptogamic garden with nearly 50 species of lichens, ferns, and fungi has been opened in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun district.

The garden was inaugurated by social activist Anoop Nautiyal, and it is situated in the district’s Chakrata town and at a height of 9,000 feet.

Algae, bryophytes (moss, liverworts), lichens, ferns and fungi are the best-known groups of cryptogams that require moist conditions to survive.

Deoban has pristine majestic forests of Deodar and Oak which create a natural habitat for cryptogamic species

7) Answer: A

All BRICS countries have agreed to the STI-led BRICS Innovation Cooperation Action Plan (2021-24) proposed by India during the 12th meeting of the BRICS S & T Steering Committee.

Indians have proposed plans to share the experience of each other’s innovation ecosystem and promote networking between innovators and entrepreneurs.

The details of the action plan are created by the BRICS Science, Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship Partnership (STIEP) Working Group. It was agreed that the proposal could be transferred to the BRICS STIEP Working Group through national STI focal points.

The Ministry of Science and Technology (DST) of India hosted the 12th BRICS S & T Steering Committee on July 8, 2021. Science ministries from all BRICS countries participated.

8) Answer: C

Afghanistan witnessed a series of terror attacks in the last few weeks as the US looked to complete the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan by August-end, ending a nearly two-decade of its military presence in the war-ravaged country.

India has pulled out around 50 diplomats and security personnel from its consulate in Kandahar in Afghanistan in view of the deteriorating security situation and the Taliban gaining control of new areas around the southern Afghan city

India has been a major stakeholder in the peace and stability of Afghanistan. It has already invested nearly USD three billion in aid and reconstruction activities in the country.

9) Answer: B

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched a global Mobility Aids Action Group to examine and improve the transport journey of mobility aids, including wheelchairs

This initiative is to improve the handling of this vital equipment for travellers with disabilities

This action group will provide advice and recommendations to airlines and other stakeholders concerning the establishment of policy, process and standards related to the handling and transport of mobility aids

The stakeholders includes accessibility organizations (representing travellers with disabilities), airlines, ground service providers, airports and mobility aids manufacturers

10) Answer: D

The 21st session of the India-Italy Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation was held virtually.

Both sides held extensive discussions on bilateral trade and investment and economic cooperation in the areas of Food Processing, Textiles, Leather, Railways, Start-ups and promotion of SMEs which play a crucial role in economic growth and employment generation.

The bilateral market access issues and non-tariff barriers were also discussed to facilitate trade and investment.

11) Answer: B

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the country’s First Private LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) plant in Nagpur. He stated, LNG is a clean and cost effective fuel which is capable of decreasing the logistics cost.

It also has the potential of creating ample job opportunities. LNG is the fuel of the future and will revolutionize the transport sector.

The Country’s first LNG facility plant has been set up by Baidyanath Ayurvedic Group on Kamptee Road near Nagpur Jabalpur Highway. Mr.Gadkari also informed that the Central Government is promoting Ethanol, Electric, CNG, LNG gas as an alternative to conventional fuels.

Large scale production of bioethanol from Paddy Straw is underway in East Vidarbha which is known for Paddy cultivation.

12) Answer: A

Chief Minister N Biren Singh hailed the moment to be “historic” and stated that the people of Manipur are “immensely grateful” to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A passenger train – Rajdhani Express from Assam’s Silchar railway station – reached the Vaingaichunpao railway station in Manipur for a trial run, putting the state on the Indian Railways map.

The train covered the distance of 11 km between the two northeastern stations, with railway officials onboard.

The train halted briefly at Manipur’s Jiribam railway station, where railway officials were greeted by local citizens before the national flag was hoisted accompanied by the national anthem, East Mojo reported.

Among the Indian Railways officials that reached Jiribham station from Silchar were North East Frontier (NF) Railway senior PRO Nripen Bhattacharya, and CDO Silchar, Abdul Hakim, among others.

13) Answer: E

In a bid to boost tourism in the state, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa’s is going to develop 46 Kempegowda heritage sites located in Bengaluru Urban, Bengaluru Rural, Ramanagara, Chikballapura, and Tumakuru districts.

Yediyurappa announced the news after chairing a meeting of the Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Heritage Area Development Authority.

BS Yediyurappa stated that the sites identified to be in three circuits would be developed for Rs 223 crore for promoting tourism.

An action plan has been prepared to develop the Magadi Circuit (Rs.132 crores), Bengaluru Circuit (Rs.47 crores and Nandi Circuit (Rs.44 crores).

“A plan has been prepared to develop Magadi circuit at a cost of Rs 132 crore, Rs 47 crore for Bengaluru circuit, and Rs 44 crore for Nandi circuit”. These sites are developed to help people acknowledge the contribution of Kempegowda or NadaPrabhu Kempegowda, the founding father of Bengaluru.

14) Answer: D

Assam government to set up “department of indigenous faith and culture” & the aim of this program is to protect demography and indigenous culture

The New Department of indigenous faith and culture will mainly focus on areas dominated by illegal immigrants

Also it will enable people of all indigenous faiths to get the benefits of the schemes to be offered by the department.Schemes will be meant for Bodos, tea tribes, Morans, Mottocks, Rabhas and Mishings.

15) Answer: C

Qatar Airways and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that Qatar Airways will become the first airline in the Middle East to join the IATA Turbulence Aware platform.

IATA’s Turbulence Aware helps airlines mitigate the impact of turbulence, a leading cause of passenger and crew injuries and higher fuel costs each year, by pooling and sharing anonymized turbulence data from multiple participating airlines and thousands of daily flights.

The real-time, accurate information enables pilots and dispatchers to choose optimal flight paths, avoiding turbulence and flying at optimum levels to maximize fuel efficiency and thereby reduce CO2 emissions.

Qatar Airways was the first Middle Eastern airline to participate in the Turbulence Aware initiative when it was launched as a pilot project in December 2018.

16) Answer: E

Axis Bank will pick up a 9.9 per cent stake in Fettle Tone LLP, a promoter of Max Bupa Health Insurance Company, for Rs 90.8 crore to strengthen is insurance business.

Axis, which is privately owned, stated in a BSE filing it has signed agreements with Fettle Tone LLP and its partners (on March 13).

Max Bupa Health Insurance (MBHI) is as a joint venture between private equity group True North and Bupa, a global health insurance and healthcare company.

Fettle Tone LLP is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) set up by True North Fund; it holds a 5.6 per cent stake in Health Insurance Company.

Fettle Tone LLP, incorporated in 2019 as a limited liability partnership, had a turnover of Rs 0.16 crore in March 2020 and its net worth stands at Rs 706 crore.

17) Answer: B

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) imposed a monetary penalty on 14 banks, including State Bank of India (SBI), Bandhan Bank, IndusInd Bank, Bank of Baroda (BoB), Central Bank for non-compliance with certain provisions of directions issued by them.

The penalty ranges from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 2 crore, with SBI being charged Rs 50 lakh and BoB Rs 2 crore.

A scrutiny of the accounts of the companies of a group was carried out by the RBI. It was observed that the banks had failed to comply with provisions of one or more directions issued by RBI and/or contravened provisions of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.

Notices were issued to the banks advising them to show cause as to why a penalty should not be imposed for non-compliance with the directions/contraventions of provisions of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.

18) Answer: D

The ICC board has decided to relieve Manu Sawhney as the CEO with immediate effect, ending a long-running saga at the very top of the organization’s management.

The decision was taken by the ICC board at an emergency meeting, chaired by Greg Barclay, the ICC chairman.

“The International Cricket Council announced that Chief Executive Manu Sawhney will leave the organisation with immediate effect.

Geoff Allardice will continue as Acting CEO supported by the Leadership Team working closely with the ICC Board”. The decision was not put up for a formal vote but it is believed no objections were raised by any of the directors on the board.

19) Answer: A

Twitter has finally appointed an India-based grievance officer, which is mandatory for all social media companies under the new Information Technology (IT) Rules of the country.

The micro blogging site has appointed Vinay Prakash as the new Resident Grievance officer. His appointment comes after Dharmendra Chatur, who was Twitter’s interim grievance officer, quit less than four weeks after occupying the position.

On Twitter’s website, Vinay Prakash is named as its Resident Grievance officer and his e-mail id is also provided on the website. Users can now contact Vinay on ‘grievance-officer-in @ twitter.com’ for any grievance redressal.

20) Answer: C

In honour of Bangladesh’s founding father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the country’s Liberation War as well as India’s diplomatic ties with Dhaka.

Rahman is popularly called ‘Bangabandhu’ (friend of Bengal) by the people of Bangladesh, Delhi University’s Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) will establish the ‘Bangabandhu Chair’.

Dinesh K Patnaik, Director General, ICCR and PC Joshi, acting DU Vice-Chancellor, will sign a Memorandum of Understanding on July 12 for setting up of the Chair adding the MoU will be for a duration of five academic years.

“The ICCR will be establishing ‘Bangabandhu Chair’ at Delhi University to honour Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of Bangladesh and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Bangladesh Liberation War and Indo-Bangladesh diplomatic relations”.

21) Answer: E

Axis Bank, India’s third largest private sector bank, reinforced its commitment to the Defence sector by signing an MOU with the Indian Army, to offer a defence service salary package with best-in-class benefits and features under its ‘Power Salute’ initiative.

The MOU is a reflection of Axis Bank’s constant endeavour to serve the Defence Forces, and help them meet their financial requirements, aspirations and milestones.

Axis Bank’s digital initiatives have enabled soldiers at borders and other remote areas to stay connected and access a bouquet of banking solutions.

22) Answer: C

On June 11, 2021, Novak Djokovic ( Serbian )  beat seventh seed Matteo Berrettini 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3 to win his sixth title at Wimbledon and a record-equalling 20th Grand Slam title.

With this win he equalled his total major men’s singles titles record with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

  • Men’s Single – Novak Djokovic (Serbia) defeated Matteo Berrettini
  • Women’s Single – Ashleigh Barty (Australia) defeated Karolína Plíšková (Czech Republic)
  • Men’s Double – Nikola Mektić and Mate Pavić defeated Marcel Granollers and Horacio Zeballos
  • Women’s Double – Hsieh Su-wei and Elise Mertens defeated Veronika Kudermetova and Elena Vesnina
  • Mixed Double – Neal Skupski and Desirae Krawczyk defeated Joe Salisbury and Harriet Dart

23) Answer: A

Pawan Singh has been selected as the first ever Indian juror for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games.

A total of 26 jury members will officiate at the Olympics, of which six will be from Japan and the rest from other countries.

To become a jury, people have to clear various jury exams at different levels which are part of the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) courses.

People also have to prove their skills through their work after which they are considered to work at various events across the globe

24) Answer: B

On July 10, 2021, Lionel Messi-led Argentina beat Neymar’s Brazil 1-0 to win the Copa America final match, held at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Angel Di Maria scored the only goal of the match & this is Lionel Messi’s first major trophy with Argentina.

25) Answer: D

On July 10, 2021, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) formed a seven-member working group for domestic cricket.

List of seven-members :

  1. Rohan Jaitley (North Zone),
  2. Yudhvir Singh (Central Zone),
  3. Jaydev Shah (West Zone),
  4. Devajit Saikia (North-East Zone),
  5. Avishek Dalmiya (East Zone),
  6. Santosh Menon
  7. Mohammed Azharuddin (South Zone).

26) Answer: A

On July 10, 2021, doyen of ayurveda medicine and managing trustee of Vaidyaratnam P S Varier’s Arya Vaidya Sala, Dr Panayambally Krishnakutty Warrier, Passed away. He was 100.

Panniyampilly Krishnankuty Warrier was born on June 5, 1921, Kottakkal, Malappuram district in Kerala.

He was the chief Physician and Managing trustee of Arya Vaidya Sala. He was elected president of All India Ayurvedic Congress twice.His autobiography titled Smrithiparvam won the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award in 2009.

27) Answer: D

Supreme Head of the Indian Orthodox church Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulos II passed away.

He was the primate of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.Paulose Mar Milithios was enthroned as the new Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan at a ceremony at the St. Paul’s and St. Peter’s church at Parumala on 1 November 2010.

He Succeeded Baselius Marthoma Didymus

28) Answer: E

A New Book titled ‘The Art of Conjuring Alternate Realities: How Information Warfare Shapes Your World’, Authored by Shivam Shankar Singh and Anand Venkatanarayanan.

The Book is Published by HarperCollins. The Book deals with human history, societal control was determined by various hierarchies like military, colonialism, mega-corporations and now by information.

This book widely talks about how information warfare is shaping your life and world. Parallely it deals with the operations of political parties, cyber criminals, godmen, national states in manipulating the thoughts.


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