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Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 of 17th June 2021. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) The World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought has been observed every year on June 17. What is the theme for the day in 2021?

(a) Food.Feed.Fibre

(b) Restoration. Land. Recovery

(c) Land has true value. Invest in it

(d) Protect Earth. Restore Land

(e) Let’s Grow the Future Together

2) During the 5th edition of global tech event “VivaTech”NarendraModi has invited the world to invest in India. The Viva Tech is a largest Digital start-upevents, held in which place?

(a) New Delhi




(e) Paris

3) The Minister for tribal affairs ArjunMunda has launched the ‘Sankalp Se Siddhi’ initiative in New Delhi.He inaugurated how many Tribes of India outletsin Ranchi?

(a) Three

(b) One

(c) Five

(d) Two

(e) Seven

4) Recently,five nations were elected as the non-permanent members for UN Security Council. Which among the following nationswere not electedas non-permanent members?

(a) Gabon

(b) UAE

(c) Albania

(d) Kenya

(e) Ghana

5) The UK has recently signed a free trade agreement with which Country for a range of high-quality products made in both countries as well as greater access for businesses and workers?

(a) India

(b) Russia

(c) Australia

(d) Pakistan

(e) Bangladesh

6) Which of the following state government has set to launch Vedic Education and Sanskar Board to revive the knowledge of Sanskrit scriptures and Vedas?

(a) Gujarat

(b) Tamil Nadu


(d) Karnataka

(e) Rajasthan

7) A TV Channel Selector web portal has been launched by which among the following for  the consumers who could not access  mobile phone app of the same name due to lack of a smartphone?

(a) NPCI

(b) BSNL

(c) TRAI

(d) Reliance Jio

(e) Reliance Communications

8) Which Social Media Giant has launched ‘Report it, don’t share it’ campaign in collaboration with Aarambh India Initiative and few others to keep children safe on the internet?


(b) You Tube

(c)Whats App

(d) Facebook

(e) Telegram

9) Tejinder Gill has been appointed as the General Manager of theTrade Desk for India. TheTrade Desk is a company located in which Country?

(a) US

(b) Australia

(c) France

(d) Brazil

(e) Italy

10) The IT giant Wipro has partnered with which organisation for New Work Standards initiative to establish a healthy, resilient and equitable future of work?

(a) WHO

(b) WEF



(e) WTO

11) The ICICI Bank has launched ‘ICICI STACK for Corporates’,a set of digital banking solutions for corporates. It has launched how many branches in Mumbai?

(a) Three

(b) Six

(c) Two

(d) Five

(e) Seven

12) ‘design your EMI’, a personal Home loan product, has been released by which among the Housing Finance to enable consumers to customize their equated monthly instalments?

(a)Indiabulls Housing Finance

(b) Godrej Housing Finance

(c) Bajaj Housing Finance

(d) L&T Housing Finance

(e)Aditya Birla Housing Finance

13) Google Pay app wouldbe supportedthe debit card payments by which of the following Bank?

(a) State Bank of India

(b)IndusInd Bank

(c) HSBC Bank

(d) Both A & B

(e)All the above

14) Ajay Simha has been appointed as the marketing director of which among the following Brand?

(a) Ponds

(b) Mama Earth

(c) Nivea

(d) Plum


15) SonyLIV has recently appointed Sreedhar Reddy Komalla as a head of Telugu content. Dhananjayanhas appointed recently as a head for which language?

(a) Tamil


(c) Hindi

(d) Bengali

(e) Malayalam

16) The HSBC has recently appointed whom among the following as its head of wealth and retail banking for the country?

(a)Hitendra Dave

(b) Mark Tucker

(c) John Flint

(d)Rama krishnanSeshan

(e) Raghu Narula

17) Microsoft has given an additional role to its CEO SatyaNadella. What is his additional role?

(a) Board Director

(b) Board Member

(c) COO

(d)Board Chairman

(e) MD

18) The Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways has signed an MOU with Ministry of Culture and Tourism for Cooperation in Development of National Maritime Heritage Complex in which of the following State/ UT?


(b) Gujarat

(c)Uttar Pradesh

(d) Jharkhand

(e) New Delhi

19) Which of the following power generation company has signed a pact with the National Institute of Wind Energy to develop solar and wind energy projects?

(a) JSW Energy

(b) Tata Power

(c)Adani Power

(d)Reliance Power

(e) SJVN Ltd

20) Which among the following has planned to launch the“WISA Woodsat”, the world’s first wooden satellite by the end of 2021?

(a) The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

(b) Indian Space and Research Organisation

(c) German Space Agency

(d) The European Space Agency

(e) China National Space Administration

21) A human space flight,Shenzhou-12has been launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China. What is the meaning of Shenzhou-12?

(a) Patriotic Vessel

(b)Holy Vessel

(c) Divine Vessel

(d)Sacred Vessel

(e) Celestial Vessel

22) Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research along with IIT Kharagpur have developed a technique that can detect the formation of cyclones in the North Indian Ocean region. The Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research is located in which Country?

(a) Vietnam

(b) China

(c) Malaysia

(d) Singapore

(e) Japan

Answers :

1) Answer: B

The World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is a United Nations observance celebrated each year on 17 June. The theme of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 2021 is “Restoration. Land. Recovery”

The restoration of land brings for us various benefits including economic resilience, jobs, income growth, and food security, slows down climate change and recharges biodiversity.

Its purpose is to raise awareness of the presence of desertification and drought, highlighting methods of preventing desertification and recovering from drought.

Drought is natural phenomenon when one area receives no water and becomes barren with no vegetation. Desertification is a process of turning out a productive fertile land to a non-productive land and in severe cases the dry lands are termed as desertification.

2) Answer: E

PM NarendraModi invited the world to invest in India while addressing the 5th edition of global tech event VivaTech via video conferencing.

He stated, “India offers what innovators and investors need. He invites the world to invest in India based on the five pillars of: Talent, Market, Capital, Eco-system, And, culture of openness”.

PM talked about how technology and digital have become the emerging areas of cooperation among the wide range of subjects that India and France have been working together for.

VivaTech is one of the largest digital and startup events in Europe, held in Paris every year since 2016.

India is committed to digital partnerships including collaborations within startup ecosystems and quantum technology with France and other European countries.

3) Answer: A

The ‘Sankalp Se Siddhi’ initiative, also known as ‘Mission Van Dhan’, was introduced by the central government  in line with Prime Minister NarendraModi’s aim to establish a sustainable livelihood for India’s tribal population.

The initiative was launched in New Delhi by the Union minister for tribal affairs ArjunMunda. The launch event also witnessed the inauguration of several other programmes, including the new premises of the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED) headquarters. Union minister Munda also inaugurated 7 more Tribes of India outlets, two in Jagdalpur, three in Ranchi, one in Jamshedpur, and one at Sarnath.

4) Answer: D

Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana and the United Arab Emirates were elected unopposed to the powerful UN Security Council as non-permanent members for the 2022-23 term.

The 193-member UN General Assembly held elections to elect five non-permanent members who will take their seats on the 15-nation Council for a two-year term beginning January 1, 2022.

All the five countries won the elections unopposed as they were the only candidates from their respective regional groups vying for the allotted seats on the Council.

5) Answer: C

A new free trade agreement with the UK will deliver more Australian jobs and business opportunities for exporters, bringing both countries closer together in a changing strategic environment.

Prime Ministers Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson have agreed on the broad outlines of an Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

The FTA is the right deal for Australia and the United Kingdom, with greater access to a range of high-quality products made in both countries as well as greater access for businesses and workers, all of which will drive economic growth and job creation in both countries.

Australian producers and farmers will receive a significant boost by getting greater access to the UK market

6) Answer: E

The Rajasthan government will soon set up a Vedic Education and Sanskar Board to revive the knowledge of Sanskrit scriptures and Vedas. The board is likely to be formed in the next four to five months.

A committee, formed to define aims, objectives and functioning of the board, has submitted its report to the state government, Minister of State (MoS) for Sanskrit Education SubhashGarg mentioned, adding modules will be presented before the board based on the report.

He stated the Vedic board would come into function after approval from Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

7) Answer: C

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) launched a TV Channel Selector web portal for consumers who could not access its mobile phone app of the same name due to lack of a smartphone.

The TV Channel Selector App for Smartphone was launched on June 25 last year that enabled users to check their subscription, modify it, view all channels provided by their cable operators and choose channels of interest on DTH under a regulatory framework notified in December 2018.

The portal will help subscribers “get optimized solutions and the best combination of user selected channels/bouquets at the same or less price

8) Answer: D

Facebook has kicked off a new initiative to keep children safe on the internet. Given that more and more kids are using the internet for both online classes and entertainment, protecting them is the first and the most important thing.

The ‘Report it, don’t share it’ campaign is being helmed by the social media giant in collaboration with Aarambh India Initiative, Cyber Peace Foundation, and Arpan.

The main idea behind the initiative, as the name suggests, is to encourage people to report abusive or harmful content, and not share it.

9) Answer: A

Global advertising technology major, The Trade Desk announced the launch of operations in India and stated it has appointed Tejinder Gill as the Country General Manager.

TheTrade Desk, Inc. is located in California, U.S.

The company, which offers a self-service cloud-based platform that allows ad buyers to create, manage, and optimize digital advertising campaigns across formats and devices, is targeting digital marketers in India and helping them capture fast-growing opportunities.

‘As an omnichannel platform, The Trade Desk enables marketers to reach relevant audiences across different devices, including computers, mobile devices, tablets, and connected TV, and engage with them meaningfully along their entire digital journey’.

Through the company’s data-driven capabilities, marketers can access a marketplace of premium advertising inventory across a wide range of websites, apps, podcasts, and streaming OTT platforms.

Gill stated ‘The Trade Desk is here to bring the much-needed data-driven decisioning and transparency to India’s digital advertising ecosystem, offering marketers a credible choice where they can tap into the immense opportunities of the open internet’.

10) Answer: B

Wipro announced that it has joined the World Economic Forum’s Partnership for New Work Standards initiative to establish a healthy, resilient and equitable future of work.

This initiative aims to co-create new frameworks, shape forward-thinking people policies and utilize tools and technologies to collectively build human-first work standards, with people at the heart of business.

Wipro has invested in its workforce, developed new ways of working, and created a more relevant and inclusive post-pandemic work environment to seamlessly transition to a sustainable future of work.

The company is also undertaking initiatives to support and equip its people with dedicated programs for physical, social, financial and mental well-being.

11) Answer: D

ICICI Bank launched ‘ICICI STACK for Corporates’, a comprehensive set of digital banking solutions for corporates and their entire ecosystem including promoters, group companies, employees, dealers, vendors and all other stakeholders.

It provides customized digital banking services to companies in over 15 leading industries- such as financial services, IT/ITES, pharmaceuticals, steel to name a few – and their entire ecosystem.

These services can further be tailor-made for companies within an industry. ICICI Bank has opened eight ecosystem branches- five in Mumbai and three in Delhi NCR.

It plans to launch another four in this financial year. The bank has its own web-based platform, which facilitates instant approval and disbursement of loans for channel partners.

12) Answer: B

Godrej Housing Finance (GHF) has released a ‘design your EMI’ home personal loan product to enable consumers to customize their equated monthly installments (EMIs).

This is aimed at optimising their cash flows and brings down the price tag of dwelling ownership.

Manish Shah, MD & CEO, Godrej Housing Finance explained EMIs can be customized to go well with customers’ requirements a buyer might want to get started with a smaller sized EMI and little by little boost it or start off with a larger EMI (given that charges are down in Covid-19 instances) and normalize it.

13) Answer: D

Google Pay app will now support debit card payments by SBI, IndusInd Bank and Federal Bank and credit cards by IndusInd Bank and HSBC.

Prior to this, tokenization was available with Kotak Mahindra Bank, SBI Cards and Axis Bank in India. Online merchants like Myntra, Yatra, Dunzo and many others can also make use of this feature.

To use this feature, the user’s phone must be Near-field communication (NFC) capable. To enable this tap and pay feature, users will have to do a one-time setup by entering their card details and generating an OTP. After registration, users can use this feature to make payments at any NFC-enabled terminal.

14) Answer: C

Nivea India announced the appointment of Ajay Simha as the marketing director. With over a decade of experience across various categories such as personal care, male grooming, face, lip and sun care, Simha has championed leading various brand portfolios both in India as well as globally.

Before taking over as marketing director, Nivea India, Simha was responsible for the Nivea body care and cleansing and baby care portfolio across the Middle East and North Africa.

15) Answer: A

Streaming platform SonyLIV has appointed Sreedhar Reddy Komalla as head, Telugu content, digital business.

Komalla will primarily focus on leading the expansion plans of the Telugu vertical of SonyLIV for users across markets.The announcement comes days after the company appointed G Dhananjayan as head of Tamil content.

The key appointment is in line with Sony’s aim to strengthen the regional content portfolio. Sreedhar Reddy Komalla also known as MadhuraSreedhar Reddy in Telugu Film Industry is known for his exemplary contribution to Telugu cinema.

He started his film career by establishing a music label Madhura Audio and shaped it as one of the top music labels in Telugu cinema.

16) Answer: E

Foreign lender HSBC appointed bank veteran Raghu Narula as the head of wealth and retail banking for the country from August 1.

Narula succeeds Ramakrishnan S, who is headed to another position within the organization.The company stated in the next phase, it will be conducting the drive for school staff and teachers as well.

Afthonia Lab ties up with Yes Bank Startup incubator Afthonia Lab announced a tie-up with private sector lender Yes Bank to empower fintech companies

17) Answer: D

Microsoft named its chief executive officer SatyaNadella as board chairman, an additional role in which he will lead the work to set the agenda for the board.

Microsoft Corp announced that the board’s independent directors unanimously elected Nadella to the role of board chair, and unanimously elected John W Thompson as the lead independent director, a role he held previously from 2012 to 2014.

Nadella will lead the work to set the agenda for the board, leveraging his deep understanding of the business to elevate the right strategic opportunities and identify key risks and mitigation approaches for the board’s review

18) Answer: B

AnMoU has been signed between the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways and Ministry of Culture and Tourism for Cooperation in Development of National Maritime Heritage Complex at Lothal in Gujarat.

Ports, Shipping and Waterways Minister MansukhMandaviya mentioned that this complex would be dedicated to the legacy of maritime heritage to showcase India’s rich and diverse maritime glory.

He stated,MoU would help in exhibiting the robust maritime history as well as the vibrant coastal tradition of our country. He noted, this would uplift the image of India’s Maritime Heritage in the international forum.

19) Answer: E

State-owned SJVN Ltd has signed a pact with National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) to develop solar and wind energy projects.

SJVN has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Institute for ‘technical consultancy services’ for development of solar, wind, hybrid (wind and solar) and hybrid (wind, solar and battery storage) energy projects of SJVN.

NIWE will support SJVN to assess the feasibility and techno-commercial aspects of the projects and preparation of detailed project reports, estimates and bid documents covering all relevant aspects from the concept to the commissioning of these projects.

20) Answer: D

The European Space Agency (ESA) has planned to launch the world’s first wooden satellite, WISA Woodsat, on Earth’s orbit by the end of 2021.

It will be launched with a Rocket Lab Electron rocket from the Mahia Peninsula launch complex in New Zealand. According to ESA, the mission was initiated by JariMakinen.

The satellite, designed and built in Finland.It will orbit at around 500-600 km altitude in a roughly polar Sun-synchronous orbit. It is built up from standardised boxes and surface panels made from plywood.

21) Answer: C

On June 17, 2021, The Shenzhou 12 mission launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China.

China successfully launched the first three men crew to its new space station in its first crewed mission in five years.

A Chinese spacecraft will blast off from the Gobi Desert on a Long March rocket in the coming days, ferrying three men onboard.Shenzhou-12, meaning ‘Divine Vessel’.

It will be the third of 11 missions needed to complete China’s space station by 2022. Among them, four will be missions with people on board, potentially propelling up to 12 Chinese astronauts into space.

22) Answer: B

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research in China have developed a technique that can detect the formation of cyclones in the North Indian Ocean region.

The research team for this study included Jia Albert, BishnupriyaSahu and Prasad K Bhaskaran from IIT Kharagpur. It is published in the journal Atmospheric Research.

The study was conducted under the Climate Change Program with support from the Centre’s Department of Science and Technology.

The research team analysed four post-monsoon severe cyclones that developed over the North Indian Ocean, came out with a threshold value of a parameter called Okubo-Weiss Zeta Parameter.

When the parameter crossed the threshold value, it resulted in the formation of a cyclone.


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