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Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 of 20th & 21st June 2021. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) What is the theme of the World Sickle Cell Awareness Day, celebrated every year on June 19?

(a)Breaking The Cycle of Pain

(b) Empowering Teenagers to ‘Step Up’

(c) Break the Silence on Sickle Cell Disorder

(d)Shine the Light on Sickle Cell

(e)Know your sickle cell status

2) On June 19, the World Sauntering Day has been celebrated every year. What does the word Saunter Mean?

(a)to walk slowly in a relaxed manner

(b)to walk for maintaining fitness

(c)to walk fast in a hasty manner

(d)to run in order to maintain fitness

(e)None of these

3) The World Refugee Day has been celebrated every year on June 20 to honour refugees around the globe. In which year, it was established first?

(a) 2002

(b) 2005

(c) 2000

(d) 2003

(e) 2001

4) Every year, the Father’s Day has been celebrated on which of the following day?

(a) Third Saturday of June

(b) Third Friday of June

(c)Third Sunday of June

(d)Second Saturday of June

(e)Second Sunday of June

5) On every year June 21, The International Day of Yoga has been celebrated. What edition of International Yoga Day has celebrated in 2021?

(a) Fourth

(b) Seventh

(c) Third

(d) Second

(e) Fifth

6) What is the theme of World Hydrography Day, celebrated every year on 21st June?

(a) Hydrography – enabling autonomous technologies

(b) Mapping our seas, oceans and waterways – more important than ever

(c) 100 years of international cooperation in hydrography

(d) Bathymetry – the foundation for sustainable seas, oceans and waterways

(e)Hydrographic information driving marine knowledge

7) The World Music Day is celebrated every year on which of the following day?

(a) June 21

(b)June 18

(c)June 19

(d)June 17

(e)June 20

8) The PM Modi has launched a custom crash course programme that aims to skill over one lakh “Covid warriors” across the country under PradhanMantriKaushalVikasYojana 3.0. What is the total outlay of the programme?

(a)Rs. 271 Crore

(b)Rs. 276 Crore

(c)Rs. 279 Crore

(d)Rs. 277 Crore

(e)Rs. 270 Crore

9) The Election Commission of India has recently released ‘General Elections 2019 – An Atlas’. Which among the following state has registered the lowest number of electors per polling station?

(a) Nagaland

(b) Assam

(c) Bihar

(d) Goa

(e) Arunachal Pradesh

10) A 12-hour virtual Yoga Session ‘Yogathon’ has been celebrated in Kerala on International Day of Yoga virtually. The Session was organised by which among the following?

(a) National Ayush Mission

(b) The Yoga Institute

(c)Patanjali Yoga Center

(d) Both A & B

(e) Both A & C

11) Tamil Nadu CM has inaugurateda consumer grievance redressal centre called Minnagam in which of the following City for the consumers of electricity?


(b) Coimbatore


(d) Chennai


12) The Bihar CM has recently launched MukhyaMantriMahilaUdyamiYojanato provideRs 10 lakh for an unemployed woman to start a new business. How much amount has been allotted by the government as a subsidy?

(a)Rs 3 lakh

(b)Rs 7 lakh

(c)Rs 6 lakh

(d)Rs 2 lakh

(e)Rs 5lakh

13) “GharGhar Ration” Program has been launched by the IDFC FIRST Bank to provide ration kitsto low-income IDFC FIRST Bank customers in rural location. How much amount has been provided to the customers in urban locations to buy essentials?

(a)Rs 1500

(b)Rs 1000

(c)Rs 1800

(d)Rs 1200

(e)Rs 1100

14) Which of the comprehensive digital lending platform has been launched by IndusInd Bank to enable the customers to meet their financial requirements from their home itself?

(a) Indus Ease Credit

(b)Indus Easy Credit

(c)Ease Indus Credit

(d)Indus Ease Debit

(e)Indus Easy Debit

15)  Vijay Deshwal has been appointed as the CEO of Poonawalla group acquiredMagma Fincorp Ltd.How much stake of Magma Fincorp Ltdhas been acquired by Poonawalla groupearlier?

(a) 50%

(b) 70%

(c) 60%

(d) 90%

(e) 80%

16) National Institute of Mental Health &Neuro Sciences has appointed Dr Pratima Murthy as the Director for a period of five years. NIMHANS is located in which city?

(a) Chennai

(b) Hyderabad


(d) Bangalore


17) ‘The Art of Life’ is a non-featured Hindi Film by Odia filmmaker has been awarded the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ at World Film Carnival. The carnival was hosted by which among the following country?

(a) Singapore

(b) USA


(d) UK

(e) Italy

18) ‘Ahimsa – Gandhi: The Power of the Powerless’ has won the Best Documentary Feature Award at the 21st New York Indian Film Festival. The documentary was produced by whom among the following?

(a) Ramesh Sharma

(b)Arun Gandhi

(c) Vijay Pandit

(d)Boney Kapoor

(e)Anant Singh

19) The Indian Navy has recently organisedthe Fleet Award Function at Visakhapatnam. Which among the following ship has received the title of the most spirited ship?

(a) INS Khukri

(b) INS Kamorta

(c) INS Jalashwa

(d) INS Kiltan

(e) INS Sahyadri

20) The Global Innovation Partner of the Year award has been received by which global tech company during Snowflake Virtual Partner Summit?

(a)  Larsen & Toubro Infotech

(b) HCL Technologies

(c)Tata Consultancy service

(d) Wipro Limited.

(e)Tech Mahindra Ltd

21) India has signed an MOU with which country for bilateral cooperation in the area of environment likeclimate change, waste management?

(a) Bangladesh

(b) Denmark

(c) Sweden

(d) Bhutan

(e) Nepal

22) India has partnered with which country for developing a brand new imaging technique to make clear images of objects in fog?

(a) Germany

(b) Denmark

(c) Singapore

(d) France

(e) Norway

23) As per the World Competitiveness Index by the Institute for Management Development,India has been ranked at 43. How many countries are totally participated in the Index?

(a) 75

(b) 64

(c) 89

(d) 120

(e) 103

24) As per the 15th edition of the Global Peace Index, what is the rank of India among South Asian Counties?

(a) 6th

(b) 4th

(c) 3rd

(d) 1st

(e) 5th

25) Which country’s Central Bank has ranked first in terms of reserves transferred to the government as a percentage of GDP for the fiscal year 2020-21?

(a) Saudi Arabia

(b) Turkey

(c) Singapore


(e) India

26) Milkha Singh, a legendary Indian Sprinter, has passed away .He  was popularly known as ___________.

(a)Floating Sikh

(b)Moving Sikh

(c)Running Sikh

(d)Flying Sikh

(e)Wandering Sikh

Answers :

1) Answer: D

World Sickle Cell Awareness Day is observed every year on June 19 to increase awareness and understanding of the disease and the challenges faced by its patients and their families.

The World Sickle Cell Day 2021 Theme is ‘Shine the Light on Sickle Cell’. Sickle Cell Disease Day is celebrated to raise awareness about its treatment measures and to get effective control over this disease across the world.

This year the Sickle Cell Society is celebrating 40 years of working in the sickle cell community.

World Sickle Cell Day is a United Nations recognized day to raise awareness of sickle cell at a national and international level.

2) Answer: A

World Sauntering Day is celebrated on June 19 every year. World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme is “The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk”.

The purpose is to remind people to slow down and enjoy life as opposed to rushing through it.

It is also sometimes referred to as International Sauntering Day.

The word ‘saunter’ means to walk slowly in a relaxed manner.It is quite important to slow down and enjoy the little things that we might miss rushing through life.

3) Answer: E

The World Refugee Dayis an international day organized every year on 20 June by the United Nations. The theme of World Refugee Day 2021 is “Together we heal, learn and shine”.

World Refugee Day is observed every year on June 20, by the United Nations to honor refugees around the globe.

It is designed to celebrate and honour refugees from around the world. The day was first established on 20 June 2001, in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.

Each day thousands of families are forced to flee their homes and leave everything behind.

On this day, the world stands together to celebrate the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees.

4) Answer: C

Father’s Day is commemorated in most parts of the world on the third Sunday of June. This year it is being observed on June 20.

Father’s Day is a celebration of fathers, honouring fatherhood, paternal bonds and the role fathers play in society. The Civil War veteran and single dad who inspired Father’s Day.

Sonora Smart Dodd sat in the pews of Central Methodist Episcopal Church in Spokane, Wash., on May 9, 1909, as her pastor extolled the virtues of mothers.

The most common complete form of FATHER is ‘Follower Adviser Teacher Honorable Educated Reminder’

5) Answer: B

The International Day of Yoga has been celebrated annually on 21 June since 2015, following its inception in the United Nations General Assembly in 2014.

June 21, 2021, will mark the seventh edition of International Day of Yoga, and the theme this year is, ‘Yoga for well-being’.

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice which originated in India. It is relevant for our times in a society that is still recovering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yoga Day is celebrated across the globe to highlight the importance of Yoga and how it has been beneficial in keeping the body and mind in sound health.

Considered as a holistic approach and targeting the different systems of the body and the mind, Yoga renews the mind with confidence.

6) Answer: C

World Hydrography Day is celebrated every year on 21 June. The World Hydrography Day theme for 2021 is “100 years of international cooperation in hydrography”.

Hydrography is a branch of applied sciences dealing with measurements of the physical features of water bodies.

Hydrography is the science that measures and describes the physical features of the navigable portion of the Earth’s surface and adjoining coastal areas.

Hydrographic surveyors study these bodies of water to see what the “floor” looks like. The main objective of this day is to attract people’s attention towards the work of the IHO at the international level.

7) Answer: A

The Fête de la musique, also known in English as Music Day, Make Music Day or World Music Day, is an annual music celebration that takes place on 21 June.

On Music Day the citizens of a city or country are allowed and urged to play music outside in their neighborhoods or in public spaces and parks.

World Music Day is celebrated on June 21 every year to honour the musicians and singers for the gift of music, which gives flight to the imagination and life to everything.

A world without music would have no meaning to many and World Music Day is observed to celebrate the power of this art.

8) Answer: B

Prime Minister NarendraModi launched a custom crash course programme that aims to skill and upskill over one lakh “Covid warriors” across the country.

Under this programme, training will be imparted to people in six customised job roles — home care support, basic care support, advanced care support, emergency care support, sample collection support, and medical equipment support.

The course, launched from 111 centres across 26 states, has been designed by top experts, PM Modi said, adding that the Corona period has proved the importance of skill, re-skill and up-skill.

The programme has been designed as a special programme under the central component of the PradhanMantriKaushalVikasYojana 3.0, with a total financial outlay of Rs. 276 crore, the PMO said.

9) Answer:E

Chief Election Commissioner, ShriSushil Chandra along with Election Commissioner Shri Rajiv Kumar and Election Commissioner ShriAnup Chandra Pandey released ‘General Elections 2019 – An Atlas’ on June 15, 2021.

It has 42 thematic maps and 90 tables depicting various facets of the elections. The Atlas brings out salient features such as data of the 23 States and UTs where women voting percentage was more than the male voting percentage; information about the largest & smallest parliamentary constituency in terms of electors, candidates and performance of political parties amongst other parameters.

The 2019 General Elections witnessed the lowest gender gap in the history of Indian elections.

The Atlas also compares the average number of electors per polling station in different states during 2014 & 2019 General Elections.

The Election Commission of India set up over 10 lakh polling stations in General Elections 2019 with the lowest number of electors per polling station (365) in Arunachal Pradesh.

10) Answer: A

Kerala will celebrate International Day of Yoga virtually by organizing various events.

National Ayush Mission will organize a 12-hour virtual Yoga Session ‘Yogathon’ in the state.

Quiz competitions and essay competitions on the theme Yoga will also be organized for school students.

The mission also plans to broadcast yoga classes for children in collaboration with the Victer’s Channel run by Kerala General Education Department.

The Field Outreach Bureau under the ministry of information and broadcasting will also organize webinars and virtual Yoga sessions in connection with the International Yoga Day.

11) Answer: D

Tamilnadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin inaugurated Minnagam, a consumer grievance redressal centre in Chennai.

The State Government said that consumers of electricity in the State can report their grievances to the Centre through mobile phones.

The Chief Minister also launched an exclusive customer care mobile number 9498794987 through which the consumers can make their complaints and clarify their doubts about the electricity bills.

The centre will be functional 24 hours, to handle complaints. All the complaints would be passed on to the related executive engineers in the districts. It may be noted that the State has over three crore ten lakh consumers of electricity.

12) Answer: E

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar launched two ambitious schemes.The schemes were promised by the chief minister during the 2020 Bihar elections in a bid to counter the RJD’s poll plank on unemployment.

MukhyaMantriMahilaUdyamiYojana (MMUY):

  • In this scheme, an unemployed woman will be provided an amount of Rs 10 lakh to start a new business or small industry.
  • Rs.10 Lakh, Rs.5 Lakh will be a subsidy amount that women does not need to be return, while the remaining Rs.5 Lakh will be an interest free loan.
  • The amount can be refunded in several installments over the next 7 years after the start of the new venture.

MukhayaMantriYuvaUdyamiYojana (MYUY):

  • In this scheme, unemployed youth will be provided an amount of Rs 10 lakh to start a new enterprise or industry.
  • Rs.10 Lakh, Rs.5 Lakh will be the subsidy amount (which they don’t need to refund), the balance Rs.5 Lakh will be the loan simple interest of 1% to be refunded in several installments.

13) Answer: C

IDFC FIRST Bank has announced the launch of “GharGhar Ration” Program, an Employee-funded program for its low-income customers whose livelihoods are affected by COVID-19.

GharGhar Ration” is a unique program where employees have contributed from their personal income to set up a Customer COVID Care Fund to provide relief to 50,000 COVID affected low-income IDFC FIRST Bank customers.

Employees of the Bank contributed one day to one month’s salary for the purpose. The program involves supply of ration kits to such 50,000 low-income customers whose livelihood have been impacted by the pandemic.

The ration kits are delivered directly in-person to the customers in rural locations but in urban locations, pre-paid cards worth Rs 1800 were provided to the customers, which can be used by them to buy the essentials.

Employees are procuring ration kits comprising 10 kg rice/flour, 2 kg dal (lentils), 1 kg sugar and salt, 1 kg cooking oil, 5 packets of assorted spices, tea and biscuits and other essentials needed to support a small family for about a month

14) Answer: B

IndusInd Bank announced the launch of ‘Indus Easy Credit’, a comprehensive digital lending platform that enables customers to meet their financial requirements from the comfort of their homes.

With this, both existing as well as non-IndusInd Bank customers can instantly avail personal loans or credit cards on a single platform in a completely paperless and digital manner.

‘IndusEasyCredit’ offers a fully digital end to end process that leverages the power of India’s public digital infrastructure – ‘India Stack’ to offer personal loans and credit cards in a paperless, presence less and cashless manner.

The stack leverages more than 35 interfaces to digitally verify KYC and employment information as well as analyse bank statements.

15) Answer: C

Vijay Deshwal has joined Poonawalla group acquired Magma Fincorp Ltd, as its Group CEO.

In his new role, he would be responsible for the Lending and Housing Finance business along with its Insurance business. He will be based out of the Pune corporate office.

Vijay Deshwal, a post-graduate from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) is a seasoned banker with a track record of two decades.

Before this, Deshwal was associated with ICICI Bank as a Business Head responsible for the fast-growing services sector business including new age businesses focused on technology and digital intervention.

Poonawalla Group recently acquired a majority stake of 60 per cent in Magma Fincorp through its holding company Rising Sun Holdings in May 2021.

16) Answer:D

Dr Pratima Murthy, head of Department of Psychiatry, National Institute of Mental Health &Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru has been appointed as Director of the Institute for a period of five years.

She will retire in March 2026. Dr Murthy was awarded the WHO Regional Director’s Special Recognition Award on ‘World No Tobacco Day 2021’ last month.

She has been appointed by NIMHANS on the approval of the central government as the full-term director of the institute of national importance after Prof and Head of Neurology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Dr Padma Srivastava could not assume the top office due to some technical reasons.

17) Answer: A

A non-feature Hindi film ‘The Art of Life’ written and directed by Odia filmmaker Santosh Panda was recently awarded the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ at World Film Carnival, hosted at Singapore.

The film based on sand art also highlights the Culture, Tourism and Disaster Management by Odisha.

It also bagged the Best Film Award at the ChhatrapatiShivaji International Film Festival held at Pune recently.

It has been selected for many prestigious film festivals including Lift off film festival-UK, MaderiaCurtas International Film Festival, Portugal Fillum International and Storical International Film Festival. While Ramakanta Mishra has penned the lyrics, Panda has composed an English song for the film.

18) Answer: E

A documentary on Mahatma Gandhi produced by internationally-renowned South African filmmaker Anant Singh has won the Best Documentary Feature Award at the 21st New York Indian Film Festival.

The film, titled ‘Ahimsa – Gandhi: The Power of the Powerless’, written and directed by Ramesh Sharma, was produced by Singh’s company Videovision to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth in 2019.

These include Gandhi’s granddaughter Ila Gandhi and her grandsons Arun Gandhi and Rajmohan Gandhi living in America.

The song ‘Ahimsa’ in this film is sung by U2 and AR Rahman and lyrics are penned by Bono and Rahman.

19) Answer: B

Indian Navy organized the Fleet Award Function at Visakhapatnam this year to mark the successful performance of the Operational Cycle of the Eastern Fleet.

INS Sahyadri has been adjudged the best ship of the Eastern Fleet among capital ships, INS Kamorta has awarded the title of the most spirited ship. INS Kiltan and INS Khukri won the best corvette trophy amongst corvettes and similar classes of ships.

FAF 2020 was hosted by Rear Admiral Sanjay Vatsayan, NM Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Fleet, and the Chief Guest for the event was Vice Admiral Atul Kumar Jain, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command.

The Fleet Award Function is held every year to mark the resilience and perseverance of Indian Navy personnel appointed onboard ships of ‘Poorvi Beda’ or colloquially called the ‘Sword Arm’ of ENC.

20) Answer: A

Larsen & Toubro Infotecha global technology consulting and digital solutions company has been recognized as the Global Innovation Partner of the Year by Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company.

LTI received this prestigious recognition during Snowflake Virtual Partner Summit held on June 16, 2021.

The award represents a key milestone for the strategic partnership between LTI and Snowflake and will strengthen collaboration between the companies to empower enterprises with innovative solutions and services

21) Answer: D

India and Bhutan inked anMoU for developing cooperation between two countries in the area of environment.

The MoU was signed virtually by Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change PrakashJavadekar from the Indian side and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairperson of the National Environment Commission LyonpoDr.TandiDorji from the Bhutanese side.

ShriJavadekar stated, the MoU will open new vistas of bilateral cooperation in the area of climate change, waste management etc and Describing the relationship between the two countries as symbolic, he said, India wants to engage with Bhutan on environmental related issues including climate change.

The MoU is a platform to further enhance Indian and Bhutanese partnership and support, and exchange best practices in areas like prevention of Air Pollution, Waste Management, Chemical Management, Climate Change, etc.

22) Answer: D

A workforce of Indo-French researchers has developed a brand new imaging technique to make clear images of objects in foggy weather conditions inrail, sea, road transportation and would also help spotting lighthouse beacons.

Researchers Team:

  1. Raman Analysis Institute (RRI) in Bengaluru
  2. Isro’’s Area Software Centre (SAC) in Ahmedabad
  3. Université Paris-Saclay
  4. CNRS, France

The work was partially funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Superior Analysis.

23) Answer: B

India maintained 43rd rank on an annual World Competitiveness Index compiled by the Institute for Management Development (IMD). World Competitiveness Rankings List comprises a total of 64 nations.

The countries were ranked based on four key factors:

  1. Economic Performance
  2. Government Efficiency
  3. Business Efficiency
  4. Infrastructure

The top- Performing Asian Countries are Hong Kong (7th), Taiwan (8th) & China (16th). Taiwan entered the top 10 rankings for the first time since the ranking began 33 years ago.

BRICS Nations Ranking:

  1. China (16th)
  2. India (43rd)
  3. Russia (45th
  4. Brazil (57th)
  5. South Africa (62nd)

24) Answer: E

On June 17, 2021, Institute for Economics and Peace released the 15th edition of the Global Peace Index.

Iceland remains the most peaceful country in the world & Afghanistan is the least peaceful country in the world for the fourth consecutive year.

New Zealand, Denmark, Portugal, and Slovenia ranked 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Positions.India ranked 135th most peaceful country in the world.

In South Asia Bhutan ranked as the most peaceful nation followed by Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. In Global Peace Index 2021 for South Asia, India and Pakistan have been placed on the 5th and 6th positions respectively.

25) Answer: B

The Reserve Bank of India was second in terms of reserves transferred to the government as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) for the fiscal year 2020-21.

Turkey has been ranked first followed by India.

Recently, RBI has transferred Rs 99,122-crore surplus to the government for FY21 which is 73% higher than the Rs 57,128 crore paid out in 2019-20.

The surplus transferred by RBI constitutes 0.44% of GDP, while that of the Central Bank of the

Republic of Turkey constitutes 0.5% of GDP

26) Answer: D

On June 18, 2021, Indian sprint legend Milkha Singh passed away. He was 91.Singh, born in Gobindpura in present day Pakistan.

Popularly he is referred to as the ‘Flying Sikh’. He was the first Indian track and field athlete to win gold in the then British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Cardiff in 1958.

He also represented India in the 1956 and 1964 Olympics and was honoured with the Padma Shri in 1959.


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