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Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 of 21st August 2021. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) What is the theme of the World Senior Citizens’ Day 2021, observed every year on August 21?

(a)Pandemics Do They Change How We Address Age and Ageing

(b)Growing old is gold

(c)Stepping into the Future Tapping the Talents

(d) Raise awareness of the special health needs of older persons

(e) Digital Equity for All Ages

2) Which among the following organisation has observed August 21 as the International Day of Remembrance of and Tribute to victims of terrorism?

(a) UNSC


(c) UN

(d) UNDO

(e) UNGA

3) Which of the following week has been celebrated from August 19 to August 25?

(a) Telugu Week

(b) Marathi Week

(c) Tamil Week

(d) Hindi Week

(e) Sanskrit Week

4) The Heavy Industries Minister MahendraNathPandey has inaugurated the country’s very first Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Stationbetween Which Highway?

(a)Delhi-Punjab Highway

(b) Delhi-Chandigarh Highway

(c)Delhi-Haryana Highway

(d)Delhi- Rajasthan Highway

(e)Delhi-Gujarat Highway

5) Who is the head of the government constituted eight-member committee to double the production and quadruple the exports of handlooms?


(b)Vijoy Kumar Singh

(c)Upendra Prasad Singh

(d) Sunil Sethi

(e)Piyush Goyal

6) The Union Cabinet has approved the implementation of the National Mission on Edible Oils – Oil Palm. Which among the following region is a special focus areato reduce import dependency of palm oil?


(b)North Eastern

(c)South Western


(e)None of these

7) The country’s first smog tower has been inaugurated in which among the following state/UT?

(a) Pondicherry

(b) Maharashtra

(c) Odisha

(d) Gujarat

(e) New Delhi

8) Faridabad Smart City Limited has roped in which of the comic hero character in order to promote its initiatives on social media?

(a)Chacha Chaudhary



(d)Chotta Bheem

(e) Little Chingam

9) In which of the following city the Prime Minister Modi has inaugurated Promenade, Exhibition Centre and reconstructed temple precinct of Old?





(e) None of these

10) The Uttar Pradesh government has proposed to change the name of which district to ‘Harigarh’?



(c) Aligarh



11) In which of the following UT the government has decided to set up a separate Civil Services Exam Centre?

(a) Ladakh

(b) Chandigarh

(c) Pondicherry

(d) Jammu & Kashmir

(e) New Delhi

12) A seven-member committeeto study the exploration of hydrocarbon projects under the chairmanship of Sultan Ahmed Ismail has been constituted by which sate?

(a) Andhra Pradesh

(b) Gujarat

(c) Bihar

(d) West Bengal

(e) Tamil Nadu

13) Which of the social media has announced a new programme called the “Small Business Loans Initiative”, in partnership with Indifito help small and medium businesses?

(a) YouTube

(b) Instagram


(d)Whats App

(e) Twitter

14) NPCI International Payments Ltd has partnered with which of the following bank to provide its mobile-based real-time payment system UPI in the gulf nation?

(a) Emirates NBD

(b)Mashreq Bank

(c)Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

(d) Oman Bank

(e)None of these

15) The Reserve Financial institution of India has launched PRISM a web-based automation system, to strengthen compliance by supervised entities. What does P mean in PRISM?

(a) Pioneer

(b) Payment

(c) Parameter

(d) Platform

(e) Prevalent

16) NK Singh has been elected as the president of the Institute of Economic Growth Societyby succeeding whom among the following?

(a) Sonia Gandhi

(b)Manmohan Singh

(c)Venkaih Naidu

(d) Indira Gandhi

(e) None of these

17) Who has been appointed as the chief executive of Broadcast Audience Research Council?

(a)Veer Chopra

(b)Hrithesh Chopra

(c)Jithesh Chopra

(d)Neeraj Chopra

(e)Nakul Chopra

18) Apurva Chandra has been appointed the secretary of which among the following ministry?

(a) Health and Family Welfare

(b) Defence

(c)Information and Broadcasting

(d) Finance and Corporate Affairs

(e) Home Affairs

19) Which country has hosted the18thSCO Culture Ministers Meeting in 2021 through virtual mode?

(a) India

(b) France

(c) Nepal


(e) China

20) The Chiefs of the Indian navy has signed a Joint Guidance for Navy to Navy Relationship document with which country?

(a) Australia

(b) Tajikistan

(c) Russia

(d) Kazakhstan

(e) Mongolia

21) Who has become India’s First Celebrity to lend his voice for Amazon’s Alexa?

(a) Kamal Hassan


(c) Amitabh Bachchan


(e)Sanjay Dutt

22) Which of the Bank has partnered with fintech firm Creditas Solutions to launch a digital repayment platform called ‘Neo Collections’?

(a)Kotak Mahindra Bank

(b) Bank of Baroda

(c) Indian Bank

(d) Union Bank of India

(e) State Bank of India

23) According to the Hurun Global 500 Most Valuable Companies list 2021, which company has ranked second after Apple?

(a) Amazon


(c) Alphabet

(d) Facebook


24) As per the 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index by blockchain data platform Chainalysis, What is the rank of India?



(c) Third

(d) Fourth

(e) Fifth

25) India has won the bronze medal at World Athletics U20 Championships in Nairobi. Which country has clinched the gold Medal?

(a) Poland

(b) Vietnam

(c) Ethiopia

(d) Nigeria

(e) Czech Republic

26) India’s Manika Batra along with whom has won the mixed doubles title at the 2021 WTT Contender event in Hungary’s Budapest?

(a)Harmeet Desai

(b)Sathiyan Gnanasekaran

(c)Manav V Thakkar

(d)Sharath Kamal

(e)Amalraj Anthony

27) O.M. Nambiar has passed away recently. He was a coach to whom among the following?

(a)Hima Das

(b)Abhinav Bhindra

(c)Dutee Chand

(d) P.T. Usha

(e)Neerja Chopra

Answers :

1) Answer: A

The World Senior Citizens’ Day is dedicated to increasing awareness about the issues that affect the elderly.

Every year, World Senior Citizens’ Day is celebrated on August 21.

This year’s theme is, “Pandemics: Do They Change How We Address Age and Ageing?”

This is the theme of International Older Persons Day by the United Nations (UN).

From age deterioration to elder abuse, each problem is widely discussed, experiences are shared, and possibly some solutions are also offered.

The day also acknowledges the contribution of elders to society as it only adds to their inclusiveness in society and growth.

For the unknown, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is observed on June 15. A number of schemes including Integrated Programme for Older Persons, RashtriyaVayoshriYojana, Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme, and VayoshreshthaSamman are announced for senior citizens in India. These schemes aim to improve the quality of life of senior citizens by providing them with basic amenities and opportunities.

The government has also announced that elders, who age above 60 and fall under the BPL category, should be provided with free assisted living aids and physical devices.

2) Answer: C

Terrorism is the biggest threat to our civilization currently.

Every year, thousands of innocent people lose their lives to these ghastly acts of terror.

Incident of these acts might end in a matter of a few hours or days, but they leave behind a scar that can never be undone from the minds of the victim.

To remember and pay tribute to the victims who lose their life or suffer the trauma of terrorism, United Nations observes August 21 as the International Day of Remembrance of and Tribute to victims of terrorism.

Terrorism has spread its presence in almost every part of the world.

While the impact may vary, there’s no country that has not suffered the trauma.

In a time like this, there’s a need for the world to come together and end this problem right from the root.

3) Answer: E

Sanskrit Week has been celebrated from August 19 to August 25.

This Sanskrit Week is observed to promote and popularise the ancient language.

As part of the celebration of Sanskrit Week beginning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged everyone to learn and promote the ancient language.

While the Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has asked to take a pledge and generate a new enthusiasm towards Indian cultural traditions and languages and to make Sanskrit accessible to people easily.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while greeting the citizens on Sanskrit Week informed that it is a matter of joy that the Sanskrit language is reaching more people through modern technology and the popularity of the language is growing across the globe.

Prime Minister Modi has expressed confidence that the Sanskrit week between August 19 and August 25 will generate new interest and enthusiasm among the people and play an important role in the spread of the Sanskrit language.

4) Answer: B

The Union Heavy Industries Minister Dr.MahendraNathPandey inaugurated the country’s very first Solar Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station at the Karnal Lake Resort.

About the Solar EV charging station:

With the inauguration of the first solar electric vehicle charging station at the Karnal lake resort, the Delhi-Chandigarh Highway has become the first e-vehicle friendly highway in India.

The EV charging station at the Karnal lake resort is strategically located at the midpoint of the Delhi-Chandigarh highway and is equipped to cater to all types of E-cars plying currently in the country.

Further, work is in progress for upgrading the other charging stations on this highway, within a year.

5) Answer: D

In a major boost to the employment-generating textiles sector, the government constituted an eight-member committee to double the production and quadruple the exports of handlooms in three years.

The textiles ministry setup the committee under Sunil Sethi, Chairman, Fashion Design Council of India and stated the panel will submit final report within 45 days.

Textiles minister PiyushGoyal has set a target to raise handloom production from present Rs.60,000 crore to Rs.12,5000 crore and increase handloom exports from Rs.2500 crore to Rs.10,000 crore in three years’ time.

6) Answer: B

The Union Cabinet has approved implementation of the National Mission on Edible Oils – Oil Palm.

The Mission aims to increase the area under cultivation for Oil Palm by an additional area of 6.5 lakh hectare (ha.) thereby reaching the target of 10 lakh hectares in the next 5 years.

India is the largest edible oil importer in the world and imports 133.50 lakh tonnes costing 80 thousand crores.

Identifying the NE region as a special focus area, it aims to reduce import dependency of palm oil benefitting the oil palm farmers & create employment generation.

7) Answer: E

Chief Minister ArvindKejriwal will inaugurate the country’s first smog tower on August 23, 2021, at Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place.

The smog tower will clean 1,000 cubic metres of air every second and reduce PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels in Delhi.

The smog-tower built at the cost of Rs 20 crores will contribute immensely towards this cause.

The smog tower will work with full force after the monsoon season.

The scientists of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee will accordingly assess the performance of the tower and present a monthly report.”

The smog-tower will yield positive results.

It must be noted that Central Government is also constructing one such tower at AnandVihar.

This is being done after Supreme Court ordered both Delhi and Central Government to immediately install smog towers in the national capital”.

8) Answer: A

Faridabad Smart City Limited has roped in an unlikely collaborator to help promote its initiatives on social media – comic hero ChachaChaudhary.

The social media campaign’s objective will be to promote the steps taken by the agency, which include CCTV surveillance, road safety, traffic rules, and waste management.

It will involve releasing “excerpts of ‘Talking Comics’, with each social media post depicting ChachaChaudhary and his sidekick, Sabu, “teaching and guiding people on effective use of infrastructure”.

“These comic strips are a unique way to interact with children as well as adults since they effectively communicate messages through pictures.

The format will prove to be an intelligent and quick connection to the people of Faridabad”.

9) Answer: D

The projects inaugurated include the Somnath Promenade, Somnath Exhibition Centre and reconstructed temple precinct of Old (Juna) Somnath.

The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone of Shree Parvati Temple during the event.

Prime Minister paid tribute to Sardar Patel who showed indomitable will power for the revival of India’s ancient glory.

Sardar Patel linked SomnathMandir with independent spirit of independent India.

it is the good fortune that taking forward the efforts of SardarSaheb in the 75th year of Independence and imparting new splendour to Somnath Temple.

The Prime Minister also remembered LokmataAhilyabaiHolkar who renovated several temples from Vishwanath to Somnath.

Country is moving forward taking inspiration from the blend of modernity and tradition in her life.

10) Answer: C

The Aligarh district panchayat has sent a proposal to the Uttar Pradesh government, seeking a change in the name of the city to ‘Harigarh’. Another proposal to change the name of Firozabad district to Chandra Nagar is also doing the rounds.

The names of many cities and railway stations have been changed in Uttar Pradesh over the past few years with Allahabad-Prayagraj being the most notable of them.

Even earlier, many organisations had appealed to the UP government asking it to change Aligarh’s name.

11) Answer: A

Union Minister Jitendra Singh has stated that the government will set up a separate Civil Services Exam Centre for Ladakh to be located at Leh.

The announcement came after Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh RK Mathur called on Dr Singh in New Delhi to discuss the placement of IAS officers and other service-related matters in the context of Ladakh.

Union Public Service Commission UPSC will from this year have an Examination Centre at Leh which will operate for the first time for the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2021, scheduled to be held on 10th of October this year.

This will address a long pending demand of the youth from the Ladakh region whose grievance was that they found it difficult to reach Examination Centres in other parts of the country because of the constraints of affordability of airfare and uncertain weather conditions.

12) Answer: E

The Tamil Nadu government has constituted a seven-member committee to study the exploration of hydrocarbon projects which will be headed by Sultan Ahmed Ismail, part-time member, State Development Policy Council.

The environment department stated the committee constituted, August 17, will have freedom to conduct the study in areas other than the protected agricultural zone as the terms of reference have been revised.

The study will be conducted in areas other than the Cauvery delta region and will assess the impact of drilling technologies like hydrofracturing on groundwater and environment.

The committee will also study whether drilling would have an impact on the land as well as whether it destabilised the tectonic plates below the area of exploration.

The impact of the project on the livelihood of the people of the area will also be a subject of study.

13) Answer: C

Facebook India announced a new programme called the “Small Business Loans Initiative”, in partnership with online lending platform Indifi, to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) that advertise on Facebook to get quick access to credit through independent lending partners.

India is the first country where Facebook is rolling out this programme.

It is open to businesses registered across 200 towns and cities of India.

Indifi is the first lending partner that Facebook has tied up with and the programme is built with the potential to bring more partners on board.

The goal of the initiative is to make business loans more easily accessible to small businesses, and reduce the credit gap within India’s MSME sector.

14) Answer: B                    

NPCI’s global arm NPCI International Payments Ltd (NIPL) has partnered with UAE-based Mashreq Bank to provide its mobile-based real-time payment system UPI in the gulf nation.

This strategic partnership will be a significant game-changer in the digital payment ecosystem in the UAE.

With this tie-up, more than 2 million (20 lakh) Indians travelling to the UAE are expected to benefit from Unified Payments Interface (UPI) enabled mobile applications to pay for their purchases in a shop or merchant establishment across the country.

Developed by National Payments Corporation of India, UPI facilitates inter-bank transactions.

The tie-up is very timely with growing appetite for mobile-based payments and the bank has witnessed 20 per cent month-on-month growth in pick-up rate.

The implementation of UPI also opens a whole new world of opportunities for enterprises in the UAE and allows them to compete with much larger retailers.

The partnership with Mashreq Bank will enable consumers from India to transact seamlessly using NPCI’s world-renowned UPI platform and deliver a seamless user experience.

15) Answer: D

The Reserve Financial institution of India (RBI) is putting in a Platform for Regulated Entities for Built-in Supervision and Monitoring (PRISM), a web-based end-to-end workflow automation system, to strengthen compliance by supervised entities (SEs).

This comes within the backdrop of steady engagement and extra frequent opinions of threat profiles and supervisory assessments being envisaged for supervised entities, together with banks and non-banking monetary firms.

With the rising depth and attain of the Reserve Financial institution’s supervisory operate, the main target of its new strategy to ‘steady supervision’ is on early identification of dangers and conduct of supervisory actions, in response to an article in RBI’s newest month-to-month bulletin.

That is aimed toward serving to supervised entities to strengthen their inside defences and resilience and bringing deal with root trigger evaluation (RCA).

16) Answer: B

The 15th Finance Commission chairman, NK Singh, was elected as the president of the Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) Society on August 16.

He succeeds former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh who has been in the position since 1992.

Dr Singh recommended his name for the consideration of the IEG’s general assembly.

IEG’s research falls into nine broad themes—agriculture and rural development, environment and resource economics; globalisation and trade; industry, labour and welfare; macro-economic policy and modelling; population and development; health policy; and social change and social structure.

17) Answer: E

Broadcast Audience Research Council announced the appointment of Nakul Chopra as its chief executive.

Chopra will replace Sunil Lulla, who is leaving the TV audience body to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions.

He has served as the chairman of BARC in FY19, after being appointed to the board in 2016.

18) Answer: C

Apurva Chandra, a 1988-batch IAS officer of Maharashtra cadre, has been appointed the secretary of information and broadcasting ministry.

Chandra will succeed AmitKhare, the current higher education secretary who holds the additional charge of the post of I&B secretary.

Khare is scheduled to retire in September.

19) Answer: D

On Aug 18, 2021, Minister of State for Culture, Arjun Ram Meghwal participated in the 18th SCO Culture Ministers Meeting hosted by Tajikistan during their ongoingChairship of SCO in 2021 through virtual mode.

During the meeting, discussion was held on the development of cultural and humanitarian cooperation, prospects for cooperation in the field of culture within the SCO, including in the post-pandemic period and importance of cultural cooperation within the SCO, which has enormous potential for strengthening inter-state understanding.

20) Answer: A

On Aug 18, 2021, Chiefs of the Indian and Australian navies signed a Joint Guidance for the Australia- India Navy to Navy Relationship’ document.

The signing ceremony was held via video conference between Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh, and Admiral Michael J Noonan, Chief of Navy, Australian Navy.

The document is aligned to the ‘2020 Comprehensive Strategic Partnership’ agreed to by prime ministers of the two nations, and aims to ensure a shared approach to regional and global security challenges.

Comprehensive Strategic Partnership’, Mutual Logistics Support Agreement, conduct of trilateral Maritime Security Workshop and RAN participation in Exercise MALABAR are significant milestones which underline the role played by both Navies in bolstering this relationship in recent times.

21) Answer: C

Indian cinema icon Amitabh Bachchan has become India’s First Celebrity to lend his voice for Amazon’s Alexa.

Alexa users will have to pay Rs 149 ($2) for the first year to add AmitabBachchan’s voice to the device.(Starting the second year, the annual price will move to $4.)

His voice will be available both in English and Hindi language.

The feature initially arrived in the US with the voice of American actor and producer Samuel L. Jackson in 2019.

22) Answer: A

Kotak Mahindra Bank has partnered with fintech firm Creditas Solutions to launch a digital repayment platform called ‘Neo Collections’ which is a Do It Yourself Digital Repayment Platform for missed loan repayments.

The digital repayment platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Objective :

To make repayments for outstanding loans more convenient for the customers.

23) Answer: E

According to the Hurun Global 500 Most Valuable Companies list 2021, Globally, Apple was ranked the most valuable company, up 15 percent to $2.4 trillion.

World’s top six valuable companies in Hurun Global 500 List :

  1. Apple
  2. Microsoft
  3. Amazon
  4. Alphabet
  5. Facebook
  6. Tencent

From India Reliance Industries tops (USD 188 billion) ranked at 57 on Hurun’s top 500 companies.

There are a total 12 Indian companies in this list.

Microsoft is second while Amazon is second in the list.

Country-wise, the USA tops the list with 243 companies, followed by China 47, Japan 30 and the UK 24.

Meanwhile India is ranked 9th with 12 companies.

Wipro, HCL Technologies and Asian Paints were the new Indian entrants among the top 500 companies in the world.

24) Answer: B

Out of 154 Countries India has been ranked second in terms of crypto adoption in the 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index by blockchain data platform Chainalysis.

Aim of the index:

To highlight the countries with the greatest cryptocurrency adoption by retail investors:

Top 3 in 2021 Global crypto currency adoption index:

  1. Vietnam – with a index score of 1
  2. India – with a index score of 0.37
  3. Pakistan – with a index score of 0.36

The worldwide crypto adoption grew by 880 percent between June 2020 and July 2021.

The US and China’s ranking dipped from sixth to eighth and from fourth to thirteenth respectively.( due to falling P2P volumes in the two countries compared to worldwide volumes)

The ranking was based on three metrics including peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange trading volume and value received.

25) Answer: D

The Indian 4x400m mixed relay team clinched the bronze medal with a timing of 3:20.60 seconds at the World Athletics U20 Championships in Nairobi, Kenya.

The team consisted of Bharat Sridhar, Priya Mohan, Summy and Kapil.

The Nigerian team won the gold medal with a championships record of 3:19.70, while the Polish quartet won the silver medal with a season’s best timing of 3:19.80.

This is India’s fifth medal at the Athletics U-20 World Championships & with this bronze India have now won medals at four successive Athletics U-20 World Championships.

26) Answer: B

India’s ManikaBatra and SathiyanGnanasekaran won the mixed doubles title at the 2021 WTT Contender event in Hungary’s Budapest.

Manika and Sathiyan beat 94th ranked Hungarian pair Dora Madarasz and NandorEcseki 3-1 in the final.

With this win they became the first Indian table tennis players to win a WTT Contender title.

27) Answer: D

On Aug 19, 2021, renowned athletics coach & Sprint queen P.T. Usha’scoach O.M. Nambiar passed away.

He was 89.

About OM Nambiar :

Born in 1932, Kerala.

Nambiar joined the Indian Air Force in 1955 and continued his athletics career.

Nambiar coached PT Usha, who is the first Indian sportswoman to enter the Olympics final at the age of twenty.


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