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Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 of 22nd June 2021. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) On the occasion International Day of Yoga, Minister of State for Education has launched NIOS Diploma course in Yogic Science. What does O mean in NIOS?


(b) Olympiad


(d) Offer

(e) Oration

2) In which of the presidential election,EbrahimRaisi became the President of Iran after been competing with seven candidates?

(a) 10th

(b) 17th

(c) 16th

(d) 13th

(e) 11th

3) The world’s third largest high quality diamond weighing 1098 carats has been found in Jwaneng mine of which Country?


(b) Botswana

(c) Lesotho

(d) Namibia

(e) Angola

4) How much amount has been allotted by Odisha CM under the Ashirbad schemefor children who have sent to children’s home in the absence of a caregiver?

(a) 2500 per month

(b)3000 per month

(c)4000 per month

(d)2000 per month

(e)3500 per month

5) Recently, Nagaland Government has announced to transfer Rs 2,000 to the bank account of whom among the following?

(a) Healthcare Workers

(b)Street Vendors

(c) Construction Workers

(d)Auto rickshaw drivers

(e)None of these

6) The PAN cards which are not linked to Aadhaar would become useless and declared “inoperative” under the new Income Tax Rules. It was mentioned in what clause of Income Tax Act?

(a)Clause 34

(b)Clause 12

(c)Clause 65

(d)Clause 27

(e)Clause 41

7) BhartiAirtel has partnered with which among the following IT giant for implementing 5G network solutions for India?

(a) Wipro

(b) Tata Group

(c) Reliance Group



8) The ICICI Bank has recently launched Cardless EMI facility. Which among the following brand electronic items cannot be purchased through the facility?

(a) Nokia


(c) HP

(d) Samsung

(e) Whirlpool

9) During the16th Assembly, Tamil NaduGovernor BanwarilalPurohit has revealed an Economic Advisory Councilto the Chief Minister. How many members are teamed up by finance minister PalanivelThiagaRajan?

(a) 5 Members

(b) 3 Members

(c)6 Members

(d)4 Members

(e)7 Members

10) Recently Nippon India Mutual Fund has appointedRupesh Patel as Senior Fund Manager. He was formerly associated with which among the Mutual Fund Company?

(a)Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund

(b)Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund

(c)Tata Mutual Fund

(d) SBI mutual Fund

(e) Axis Mutual Fund

11) The tenure of AnantaBaruahas been extended for a period of two years as a Whole-time Memberof ____________.



(c) EXIM

(d) SEBI

(e) RBI

12) Recently,who among the following has got the extension of tenure period for 2 years as a Whole time Member of SEBI from the Central government?

(a)Ramesh Abhishek

(b)Santosh Kumar Mohanty

(c)Anant Kumar

(d)G Mahalingam


13) The Prestigious Central European University Open Society Prize was given to a Former Kerala Health Minister, KK Shailajain which among the following city?

(a) Bissau

(b) Djibouti

(c) Vienna

(d) Cairo

(e) Abuja

14)  “NSIC Bank Credit Facilitation Scheme” has been launched by NSICin collaboration with which of the following bank to support MSMEs with credit requirements?

(a)Canara Bank

(b) Punjab National Bank

(c)Indian Overseas Bank

(d) Punjab and Sind Bank

(e)Union Bank of India

15) On the occasion of International Day of Yoga, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a mobile app called mYoga. The app can be now available in which of the following foreign languages?



(c) French



16) As per the Ease of living index 2020, whichamong the following city has scored the highest in the parameter of quality of life?

(a) Mumbai

(b) Chennai

(c) Bhubaneswar

(d) Shimla

(e) Bangalore

17) As per the World Investment Report 2021, India has become the fifth largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment. This report was published by which among the following?

(a) WTO

(b) IMF

(c) UNGA

(d) ILO


18) Who among the following has authored the book titled “The Nutmeg’s Curse: Parables for a Planet in Crisis”?

(a) Ruskin Bond

(b)Arundhati Roy

(c)Amitav Ghosh

(d)Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

(e)Vikram Seth

19) Who among the following has been defeated by Max Verstappen to win the title at the French Grand Prix 2021?

(a) Lewis Hamilton

(b) Sergio Perez

(c)Daniel Ricciardo

(d)Kimi Räikkönen

(e) Sebastian Vettel

20) Guruprasad Mohapatra,the secretary of which of the following organization, has passed away recently?

(a) NITI Ayog

(b) CBDT

(c)Railway Board


(e) CBIC

Answers :

1) Answer: A

Minister of State for Education Shri Sanjay Dhotre launched National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Diploma course in Yogic Science on the occasion of International Day of Yoga. The Minister released the self-instructional material of the course.

The Chairperson of NIOS informed that the two-year Diploma programme has five subjects in the first year in which Yoga Teaching Training will be taught and in the second year five subjects related to Yoga Therapy will be taught.

The course in Yogic science launched will help those who pass out of the course to become a job provider rather than a job seeker.

The Minister also reiterated the laudable effort of the Prime Minister ShriNarendraModi in declaring June 21st as the International Day of Yoga.

2) Answer: D

Hardliner EbrahimRaisi is set to become Iran’s president after a partial counting of the votes revealed a significant lead for him after presidential elections.

Iran’s 13th presidential elections were held on June 18, contested by seven candidates — SaeedJalili, EbrahimRaisi, AlirezaZakani, Seyed Amir HosseinQazizadehHashemi, Mohsen Mehralizadeh, Mohsen Rezaei, and AbdolnaserHemmati. Three of these candidates including Mehralizadeh, Zakani and Jalili withdrew from the race.

SayyidEbrahimRaisol-Sadati, commonly known as EbrahimRaisi, is an Iranian conservative and principlist politician and Muslim jurist who is the president-elect of Iran, having been elected in the 2021 Iranian presidential election. He is Chief Justice of Iran from 2019.

3) Answer: B

A huge diamond weighing more than 1,000 carats, which could be the third-largest mined in history, has been discovered in the southern African country of Botswana.This diamond believed to be the third largest ever found has been put on display in Botswana.

The high-quality gemstone weighing 1,098.3 carats was unearthed earlier this month in the Jwaneng mine owned by Debswana, the mining company jointly owned by the Botswanan government and the De Beers Group.

4) Answer: E

Odisha CM inaugurated scheme for COVID-19 Orphan Children – ‘Ashirbad’.The Covid-19 pandemic has orphaned many children. The states were asked by the Center to pay attention to such children, take care of them and make arrangements for their protection.

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has launched the Ashirbad scheme on Father`s Day.Under this scheme, the government will give Rs 2,500 per month to every child who has lost one or both of his parents.

This money will be sent to the bank account of the guardian or caregiver of the beneficiaries till they turn 18. If such children are sent to children’s home in the absence of a caregiver, they will be given an additional Rs 1,000 every month.

5) Answer: C

Nagaland Government has announced the approval for transfer of 2,000 rupees each to the bank accounts of all the Building and Other Construction Workers. The amount will be debited from the state’s Cess Fund.

The State Department of Labour stated, owing to the present pandemic situation and the continuing lockdown, there has been a huge displacement of daily wage workers taking place all over the country, especially the construction workers.

Therefore, in order to assist such workers and their families, and as per the instructions of the Central Government to provide adequate financial assistance to such identified categories of workers, the State Government will be depositing an amount of 2,000 rupees each to the beneficiaries registered under the State Labour Department.

6) Answer: E

Under the new Income Tax Rules, it is mandatory to link PAN with your Aadhaar number before June 30, 2021 from the previous deadline of March 31, 2021.

The PAN cards which are not linked to Aadhaar would become useless and declared “inoperative” as well as a penalty of Rs 1,000 may also be imposed and the KYC status will also become invalid.

The deadline to link the Permanent Account Number with your Aadhaar number is nearing.

According to Clause 41 of Section 139AA of the Income Tax Act, “If a person fails to intimate the Aadhaar number, the permanent account number allotted to such person shall be made inoperative after the notified date in the manner as may be provided by rules.”

7) Answer: B

BhartiAirtel and Tata Group announced a strategic partnership for implementing 5G network solutions for India.

The announcement underscores a push for indigenous 5G solutions in India, as the world’s second-largest telecom market gears up for fifth-generation mobile networks that would enable connecting virtually everything together including machines, objects, and devices at ultra-high speeds.

Tata Group has developed “O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) based Radio and NSA/SA (Non-Standalone/standalone) Core and has integrated a totally indigenous telecom stack, leveraging the Group capabilities and that of its partners”.

This will be available for commercial development starting January 2022.These ‘Made in India’ 5G products and solutions are aligned to global standards and interoperate with other products based on standard open interfaces and those defined by the O-RAN Alliance.

8) Answer: D

Private lender ICICI Bank launched a Cardless EMI .customers to buy gadgets or home appliances, by using one’s mobile phone and PAN card, in the absence of cards.

“Customers can convert the high-value transactions into easy, no-cost monthly installments by simply putting their registered mobile number, PAN and OTP (received on mobile number) on the PoS machine at the retail outlets”.

ICICI Bank stated the facility, launched in a tie-up with Pine Labs, would be available across the pan-India outlets of Croma, Reliance Digital, My Jio Stores and Sangeetha Mobiles.

Through the Cardless EMI facility, ICICI Bank’s pre-approved customers would be able to purchase electronics from brands such as Carrier, Daikin, Dell, Godrej, Haier, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Oppo, Panasonic, Toshiba, Vivo, Whirlpool and MI.

9) Answer: A

The Tamil Nadu government stated it constituted an Economic Advisory Council to the chief minister, which includes Nobel laureate Esther Duflo, former RBI governor RaghuramRajan, former chief economic advisor to the Union government Arvind Subramanian, development economist Prof Jean Dreze, and former Union finance Secretary S Narayan.

This was revealed by Governor BanwarilalPurohit during his address to the 16th Assembly.

The five-member team was put together by finance minister PalanivelThiagaRajan, who was an

investment banker in the US and Singapore before he entered politics.

10) Answer: C

Nippon India Mutual Fund has announced the appointment of Rupesh Patel as Senior Fund Manager in Equity Investments and Hideaki Masago as Deputy Chief Risk Officer.

Rupesh Patel was earlier associated with Tata Mutual Fund as a senior fund manager.He has been working with Nippon Life Group, Japan for around 25 years & has rich and diversified experience across various areas such as Risk Management, Capital Markets & Treasury, Overseas Business Planning and Operation, at Nippon Life Insurance &Nissay Asset Management, Japan. He has a Bachelors’ Degree in Economics from Osaka University, Japan.

11) Answer: D

The Centre has extended the tenure of appointment of AnantaBarua as Whole-time Member (WTM) of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for a period of two years beyond July 31.

His tenure has been extended till July 31, 2023, according to an executive order issued by the Financial Markets division of the Department of Economic Affairs in the Finance Ministry.

It may be recalled that Barua was appointed as SEBI WTM in June 2018 for a period of three years.

Barua, who was an Executive Director with SEBI prior to his elevation as WTM, has been associated with SEBI since 1992 and was involved in framing of new regulations for the securities market.

Prior to joining SEBI, Barua had worked with IFCI from 1990. He was also advisor at the Bahrain Monetary Agency and Central Bank of Bahrain between 2004 and 2006.

12) Answer: B

The Centre has extended the tenure of appointment of Santosh Kumar Mohanty as SEBI Whole-time Member by two more years.

His tenure now stands extended upto June 24, 2023, according to an executive order issued by the Financial Markets Division in the Finance Ministry.

Mohanty has been working with SEBI for over six years and his present time period ends in June.

Mohanty, a former earnings tax official, had joined SEBI from the erstwhile commodity market regulator FMC.

In FMC, Mohanty oversaw the probe into the NSEL rip-off under the tutelage of the then commodity market regulator Ramesh Abhishek. In SEBI, he was first made a govt director after

which turned the WTM.

13) Answer: C

Former Kerala Health Minister, aka Shailaja Teacher, was awarded this year’s Central European University Open Society Prize. The prestigious international honour given by CEU was awarded at a ceremony in Vienna.

The award, the university’s highest honour, was presented to her in recognition of “her determined leadership and community-based public health work, saving lives during the pandemic” at a virtual convocation, with students joining from all over the world for the university’s 30th Graduation Ceremony held from Vienna on June 17.

14) Answer: E

Union Bank of India has entered into an MOU with The National Small Industries Corporation Ltd (NSIC) under “NSIC Bank Credit Facilitation Scheme” to support MSMEs with credit requirements.

Under the arrangement the MSME Unit can approach directly to any of NSIC branch offices which are also operating as Finance Facilitation Centre (FFC) and submit their request for loan requirement from Union Bank of India.

The official sitting at the NSIC Branch will provide hand holding support to the MSME unit by assisting them in completing all documentation as required for further submission to the Bank.

15) Answer: C

On June 21, 2021, International Day of Yoga, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the mYoga app.

It has been developed In collaboration with WHO, and the Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (Ministry of AYUSH), Government of India.

WHO mYoga is an app for the general public to use regularly, providing Yoga learning and practice sessions of varying durations.

The app is safe and secure, collecting no data from users at all, and can be used as a daily yoga companion for persons aged 12-65 years.

This will help us in our ‘One World, One Health’ motto.”M- Yoga app is currently available in English, Hindi and French. It will be available in other UN languages in the upcoming months.

16) Answer: B

On June 16, 2021, The Centre for Science and Environment released the Ease of living index 2020.

Top 5 Liveable Cities:

In that Index, Bengaluru scored high on the parameter of economic ability (78.82), Chennai scored highest in the parameter quality of life (60.84).

The city with the highest citizen perception score was Bhubaneswar at 94.8. Meanwhile, Delhi was ranked the worst capital city, with a score of 69.4

It focused on four parameters: quality of life, economic ability, sustainability and citizens’ perceptions.This is the second edition of the index, the first one was launched in 2018.

17) Answer: E

According to the World Investment Report 2021 by the UN Conference on Trade and Development,India received $64 billion in Foreign Direct Investment in 2020. In that India was the fifth largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows.

The inflow was boosted by acquisitions in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry.

In India, FDI increased 27% to $64 billion in 2020 from $51 billion in 2019. The United States remained the largest recipient of FDI with $156 billion followed by China with USD 149 billion.

In 2019,the global FDI flows decreased by 35 percent in 2020 to USD 1 trillion from USD 1.5 trillion.

18) Answer: C

Jnanpith awardee and bestselling author AmitavGhosh authored a new book titled The Nutmeg’s Curse: Parables for a Planet in Crisis is all set to release in October 2021.

The Book has been published by John Murray, and it will be out on October 14, 2021.

In ‘The Nutmeg’s Curse’, Ghosh discusses that the nutmeg’s journey from its native Banda islands sheds light on a widespread colonial mindset of exploitation of human life and the environment, which is present even today.

Some of Ghosh’s other notable works include the Ibis trilogy and ‘The Great Derangement’ among others.

19) Answer: A

On June 20, 2021, Formula One championship leader Max Verstappen won the 2021 French Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton [Britain-Mercedes] stood second in the 2021 French Grand Prix and Sergio Perez [Mexico- Red Bull] stood third.

Verstappen has 131 points to Hamilton’s 119 after seven races.This race is the seventh round of the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship.

20) Answer: D

On June 19, 2021, Department of Industry and Internal Trade secretary Dr GuruprasadMohapatra Passed away. He was 59.

GuruprasadMohapatra was a Gujarat cadre 1986-batch IAS officer.He is the first serving Secretary to the Government of India. He was appointed to the DPIIT in August 2019.

Prior to joining DPIIT, Dr Mohapatra had served as the chairman of the Airport Authority of India. He had earlier been deputed as a Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. In Gujarat, he was the commissioner of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.


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