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Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 of 24th June 2021. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) The Union government has recently launched ‘green tariff’ policy for distribution companies for which among the following reason?

(a) To supply electricity for free

(b) To supply electricity from Coal

(c) To export Electricity

(d) To generate electricity by foreign technologies

(e) To supply electricity from clean energy

2) The Union cabinet has approved the merger of the Central Railside Warehouse Company Limited with the Central Warehousing Corporation. The estimated expenditure of RWC will come down by ___________ crore.

(a) 2 Crore

(b) 5 Crore

(c) 8 Crore

(d) 4 Crore

(e) 7 Crore

3) The world’s first GM Rubber Sapling has been planted in Assam which is expected to grow under the climatic condition of the northeast. This Sapling has been developed by which state’s Rubber Research Institute?

(a) Tamil Nadu

(b) Arunachal Pradesh

(c) Odisha

(d) Kerala

(e) Nagaland

4) Which of the following Act has been amended by the Maharashtra state cabinet for the protection of Heritage Trees in their state?

(a) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975

(b) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1978

(c) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1971

(d) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1977

(e) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1970

5) The CII-IGBC has launched the IGBC Green High-Speed Rail Rating Systemto address the sustainable aspects of High-Speed Rail projects. What does B in IGBC?

(a) Business

(b) Bias

(c) Building

(d) Basic

(e) Bond

6) Tata Power has been partnered with Tata Motors to develop India’s largest behind-the-meter solar energy carport. The carport is set to launch in which city?

(a) Bangalore

(b) Chennai


(d) Cochin

(e) Pune

7) As per the Moody Report,India’s GDP has been contracted to 9.6% for 2021. What is its estimation for the upcoming year 2022?

(a) 8.7%

(b) 7.0%

(c) 8.5%

(d) 7.3%

(e) 8.0%

8) The Step Up credit card has been launched by Paisabazaar.com in partnership with which among the following bank?

(a) SBM Bank

(b) Deutsche Bank

(c) HSBC Bank

(d) Citi Bank

(e) DBS Bank

9) The Reserve Bank of India has imposed _______________  Lakhpenalty for theMogaveera Co-operative Bank Limited.

(a)Rs 23 Lakh

(b)Rs 20 Lakh

(c)Rs 12 Lakh

(d)Rs 07 Lakh

(e)Rs 01 Lakh

10) Amrita Padda has been appointed as the Chief People Officer for BhartiAirtel. She formerly has a working experience in which among the following company?

(a) Vodafone Idea

(b) Britannia


(d) Hindustan Unilever


11) GuenterButschekhas been recently step down from the Chief Executive Officer& Managing Director of which leading company?

(a) Tata Power

(b) Tata Steel

(c) Tata Motors

(d) Tata Chemicals

(e) Titan

12) Delhi government has appointed KarnamMalleswari as the first Vice Chancellor of Sports University. She belongs to which of the following sports?

(a) Weightlifting

(b) Archery

(c) Judo

(d) Volley Ball

(e) Wrestling

13) Which of the following Cricket board has appointed Darren Sammyas an independent non-member director?

(a) Zimbabwe

(b) England

(c) Bangladesh

(d) New Zealand

(e) West Indies

14) The RashtriyaRaksha University has signed an MOU with ____________for the cooperation and collaboration for strengthening the core competencies, which will counter-terrorism, counter-IEDs, and anti-hijacking.

(a) NCC

(b) NSG

(c) ITBP


(e) SPG

15) The HDFC Bank has set to buy the stakes ofERGO General Insurance Company for___________ Crore.




(d) ₹1,906 crore


16) Who among the following has secured the second position in the EdelGive Foundation and Hurun Report?

(a) Bill Gates & Melinda Gates

(b) Warren Buffett


(d)Mukesh Ambani

(e) Howard Hughes

17) The Ministry of Defence has signed an MOU worth Rs 583 crorefor the construction of two Pollution Control Vessels for the Indian Coast Guard?

(a) Hindustan Shipyard Ltd

(b)Cochin Shipyard Ltd


(d) Goa Shipyard Ltd

(e)Mazagon Shipbuilding Ltd

18) Which of the following book has been authored by Ruskin Bondthat talks about Joys & Positive truths to be found in the smallest of incidents?

(a)The Wind on Haunted Hill

(b)It’s a Wonderful Life

(c) The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories

(d) Rusty, The Boy from the Hills

(e)The Blue Umbrella

19) Who among the following will lead the Indian women’s hockey team inthe upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021?

(a)Vandana Katariya


(c) Helen Mary

(d)Sharmila Devi

(e) Rani Rampal

20) Gottfried Böhm,the Pritzker Prizearchitect has passed away recently. He belonged to which country?

(a) France

(b) Denmark

(c) Germany

(d) Italy

(e) US

Answers :

1) Answer: E

The union government is working on a ‘green tariff’ policy that will help electricity distribution companies (discoms) supply electricity generated from clean energy projects at a cheaper rate as compared to power from conventional fuel sources such as coal.

This was announced by power and new and renewable energy minister Raj Kumar Singh who said the government was in the process of formulating a set of rules and guidelines to enable such a mechanism.

Once the mechanism is in place, discoms can exclusively buy green electricity and supply it at ‘green tariff’, which will be the weighted average tariff of green energy that the consumer will pay.

This comes in the backdrop of India’s solar and wind power tariffs hitting an all-time low of Rs.1.99 per unit and Rs.2.43 per unit respectively. India is running the world’s largest clean energy programme to achieve 175 gigawatt(GW) of renewable capacity, including 100GW of solar power by 2022.

2) Answer: B

Union Cabinet has approved merger and transfer all assets, liabilities, rights and obligations of Central Railside Warehouse Company Limited with Central Warehousing Corporation .It will unify similar functions of both the companies through a single administration to promote efficiency, optimum capacity utilization, transparency, accountability, ensure financial savings and leverage railway siding for new warehousing capacities.

It is estimated that management expenditure of RWCs will come down by five crore due to savings in the corporate office rent, salary of employees and other administrative costs. The capacity utilization of RWCs will also improve as there will be potential for CWC to store commodities other than commodities of cement, fertilizer, sugar, salt and soda being stored presently.

The merger will facilitate setting up of at least 50 more Railside warehouses near the goods-shed locations. This is likely to generate employment opportunities equivalent to over 36 thousand mandays for skilled workers and over 9.12 lakh mandays for unskilled workers. The merger is expected to be completed within eight months.

3) Answer: D

World’s First GM Rubber Developed at the Kerala-based Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII), the sapling was planted by Rubber Board chairman and executive director KN Raghavan at the board’s farm in Sarutari near Guwahati.

The GM rubber plant, the first of its kind developed exclusively for the northeast, is expected to thrive in the climatic conditions of the region.

The plant, which has additional copies of gene MnSOD (manganese containing superoxide dismutase) in it, is expected to revolutionize natural rubber production in India.

The plant was developed at the Kerala-based Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII) after years of research at its biotechnology laboratory and is expected to grow under the climatic condition of the northeast.

KN Raghavan, Chairman and Executive Director of the Rubber Board stated that the genetically modified rubber plant, the first of its kind developed exclusively for this region, is expected to grow well under the climatic conditions of the mountainous northeastern region.

4) Answer: A

An amendment to the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975 to bring in the concept of “heritage trees” was approved in a meeting of the Maharashtra Cabinet.

It is expected to come into force by way of ordinance. The Cabinet also green-lighted the formation of the Maharashtra Tree Authority, which will take all decisions regarding protection of trees.

It will have responsibility related to protection and conservation of trees, including “heritage trees”. “The Act will focus on increasing tree cover in urban areas.

Protecting existing trees along with preserving those having cultural importance is the need of the hour. Principal Secretary (Environment) ManishaMhaiskar stated, It is critical that development is carried out in a sustainable manner ensuring conservation of nature’’.

5) Answer: C

The Confederation of Indian Industry -Indian Green Building Council has launched the IGBC Green High-Speed Rail Rating System during an exclusive session with the National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited.

IGBC appreciates and acknowledges the excellent leadership of AchalKhare, Managing Director, NHSRCL in opening new perspectives on how Indian High-Speed Rail project can become a green role model.

The rating system was launched online by Khare and V Suresh, Chairman, IGBC. The session was attended by officials of NHSRCL, IGBC and industry leaders & experts of the transit sector.

Suresh mentioned, “The IGBC Green HSR rating system is a first- of- its- kind in the world and exclusively developed to address the sustainability aspects of High-Speed Rail (HSR) projects.

The rating system is developed aligning the requirements with the UN Sustainable Development Goals”.

6) Answer: E

Indian utility Tata Power has partnered with sister company and automobile manufacturing firm Tata Motors to develop India’s largest behind-the-meter solar energy carport.

The 6.2MWp solar carport in Chikhali, Pune, is located at a car plant owned by Tata Motors and will produce above 86,000KWh of energy and reduce 7,000 tons of carbon emissions per annum.

The solar plant covers 30,000 square meters of land and has been constructed under efforts by Tata Motors to promote the use of clean energy in car manufacturing.

7)  Answer: B

Moody’s Investors Service slashed India’s growth projection to 9.6 per cent for 2021 calendar year, from its earlier estimate of 13.9 per cent, and said faster vaccination progress will be paramount in restricting economic losses to June quarter.

Moody’s mentioned in the report that, “the virus resurgence adds uncertainty to India’s growth forecast for 2021; however, it is likely that the economic damage will remain restricted to the April-June quarter.

We currently expect India’s real GDP to grow at 9.6% in 2021 and 7% in 2022.”Indian economy contracted by 7.3 per cent in fiscal 2020-21 as the country battled the first wave of COVID, as against a 4 per cent growth in 2019-20”.

8) Answer: A

Paisabazaar.com, India’s largest lending marketplace and Credit Score platform, and SBM Bank India, the youngest universal Bank, announced the launch of Step Up Credit Card – a credit builder product designed for consumers with limited access to formal credit, due to ineligible credit score.

A key part of Paisabazaar’s long-term growth strategy is building neo-lending products with partners, to meet specific consumer need gaps.

These innovative products would drive inclusiveness, by enabling underserved segments to access credit and over the long-term, strengthen the lending ecosystem.  The Step Up Credit Card, built in partnership with SBM Bank India, is the first product to be launched under Paisabazaar’s neo-lending strategy

9) Answer: C

The RBI imposed penalties of Rs 23 lakh on three cooperative banks, including Mogaveera Co-operative Bank Limited, Mumbai, for contravention of various norms.

A penalty of Rs 12 lakh has been imposed on Mogaveera Co-operative Bank Limited, Rs 10 lakh on Indapur Urban Cooperative Bank, and Rs 1 lakh on The BaramatiSahakari Bank Limited, Baramati.

Regarding Mogaveera Co-operative Bank, the RBI stated the inspection report of the bank, based on its financial position as on March 31, 2019, revealed that it had not fully transferred unclaimed deposits to Depositor Education and Awareness (DEA) Fund and had not conducted annual review of inoperative accounts.

On Indapur Urban Cooperative Bank, the RBI stated inspection report of the bank, based on its financial position as on March 31, 2019, revealed that it had not adhered to the aggregate ceiling on unsecured advances, and did not have process for periodical review of risk categorization of accounts.

Inspection report of BaramatiSahakari Bank revealed the bank had exceeded prudential inter-bank (single bank) exposure limit.

10) Answer: D

BhartiAirtel has appointed Amrita Padda as Chief People Officer to lead the company’s people strategy as the company transforms into a digital services provider according to a company announcement.

Padda joins the company from October 1 this year and will report to GopalVIttal, managing director and CEO, BhartiAirtel.

Padda has work experience of over two decades with Hindustan Unilever, where she has handled the entire spectrum of Human Resources roles.

11) Answer: C

Tata Motors, in a regulatory filing made after trading hours, stated that GuenterButschek would be stepping down from his role as CEO & MD from 30 June 2021.

Butschek had informed the company about his desire to relocate to Germany at the end of the contract for personal reasons.

Pursuant to this, GirishWagh is being appointed as the executive director to the board of Tata Motors from 1 July 2021.

GirishWagh as an additional director shall hold office upto the date of the ensuing annual general meeting (AGM) of the company and a proposal for his appointment as an executive director of the company would be placed for the approval of the members at the ensuing AGM of the company. The company’s 76th AGM is scheduled to be held, 30 July 2021.

12) Answer: A

The Delhi government appointed former Olympic medalist weightlifter KarnamMalleswari as the first Vice Chancellor of Sports University stated by Chief Minister ArvindKejriwal.

Kejriwal mentioned he met Malleswari and had a detailed discussion with her regarding the same.

“Delhi Sports University is starting. Our very huge dream has come true. He noted that he was extremely proud to say that Olympic medalistKarnamMalleswari will be the first Vice Chancellor.

“The Lt Governor, who is also Chancellor of Delhi Sports University, is pleased to appoint the Padmashri awardee as first Vice Chancellor of the university”.

13) Answer: E

Two-time T20 World Cup-winning former West Indies captain Darren Sammy has been appointed as an independent non-member director of the CWI board.

The decision was taken by the Cricket West Indies Board during a meeting held on June 17.

Sammy, who led West Indies to two back-to-back T20 titles in 2012 and 2016, is one of the three appointments of Independent Directors approved at the meeting to serve for the next two-years.

He joins Trinidadian Attorney Debra Coryat-Patton and Jamaican Surgeon and University Administrator, Dr.AkshaiMansingh, who were both re-appointed to serve a second term.

14) Answer: B

With focus on a dual mission, the National Security Guard and the RashtriyaRaksha University signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation and collaboration aimed at strengthening the core competencies of the NSG, which are counter-terrorism, counter-IEDs, and anti-hijacking.

DG NSG M AGanapathy and Prof (Dr) Bimal N Patel, Vice-Chancellor RRU signed the MoU at the Manesar campus of NSG.

The MoU also aims to contribute to capacity-building and providing assistance to Indian start-ups focused on security by helping them to understand the specific requirements and the problem statements formulated by NSG for design and research projects.

The aim of the MoU is to synergise the expertise of NSG & RRU to embolden innovation, incubation, training, research, and distance education in the field of security through the ‘Security and Scientific-Technical Research Association’ (SASTRA) and RRU’s Integrated Space for e-Education (RISE) platform and tie-ups with Indian start-ups dealing with security-related products.

15) Answer: D

HDFC Bank has given its approval to 3,55,67,724crore shares in group firm HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company for over ₹1,906 crore from the parent company Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC).

The board of directors of HDFC Bank has approved equity shares of ₹10 each.The aggregate consideration for purchase of 3,55,67,724 shares of HDFC ERGO is ₹1,906.43 crore, i.e. ₹536 per share

16) Answer: A

Founder of the Tata Group, JamsetjiNusserwanji Tata ($102.4 billion) has topped the EdelGiveHurun Philanthropists of the Century.

The list prepared by EdelGive Foundation and Hurun Report. Tata is the only Indian in the top 10 list.

The other Indian among the top 50 is AzimPremji, former chairman of Wipro, he is ranked 12th.

Bill Gates & Melinda French Gates ($74.6 billion) ranked second position followed by Henry Wellcome ($56.7 billion), Howard Hughes ($38.6 billion) and Warren Buffett ($37.4 billion).

The ranking is based on Total Philanthropic Value, calculated as the value of the assets adjusted for inflation, together with the sum of gifts or distributions to date.

According to the EdelGiveHurun report, The world’s 50 most generous individuals came from five countries, led by the US with 39, followed by 5 from the UK, China (3), India (2) and Portugal & Switzerland (1 each).

17) Answer: D

On June 22, 2021, The Ministry of Defence has signed a contract with Goa Shipyard Ltd for the construction of two Pollution Control Vesselsfor the Indian Coast Guard at a cost of about Rs 583 crore.

These Special Role ships will be indigenously designed and will be developed & built by GSL. The acquisition is under ‘Buy Indian Indigenously Designed Developed & Manufactured (Buy Indian-IDDM)’, the highest priority category for defence capital procurements.

The acquisition will augment the capability of ICG to respond to oil spill disasters at sea and also will enhance Pollution Response (PR) efficiency.

Both vessels are scheduled for delivery by November 2024 and May 2025 respectively. The new PCVs planned are for pollution response requirements in Eastern and the ecologically

sensitive Andaman & Nicobar Regions.

18) Answer: B

Ruskin Bond authored a new book titled It’s a Wonderful Life.The Book is Published by Aleph Book Company.

The Book is Perceptive, Uplifting & deeply Moving manners. The Book talks about Joys & Positive truths to be found in the smallest of incidents that occur in our lives, the good news and sources of happiness.

19) Answer: E

India’s men’s and women’s hockey teams will be captained by Manpreet Singh and Indian forward Rani Rampal respectively at next month’s Tokyo Olympics. 2021 Tokyo Olympics will begin in July 2021.

For Both teams, two vice-captains were also appointed namely Deep Grace Ekka and Savita.

Both teams are composed of 16 members each.

Under Rani’s captaincy, the Indian team has achieved winning the Asia Cup in 2017, a silver medal at the Asian Games in 2018, silver at the 2018 Asian Champions Trophy as well as winning the FIH Series Final in 2019.

2021 Tokyo Olympics will be Manpreet’s third Olympics.UnderManpreet’s captaincy, the Indian team won the Asia Cup in 2017, the Asian Champions Trophy in 2018 and the FIH Series Final in 2019.The team led by Manpreet also made it to the quarterfinals of the FIH Men’s World Cup 2018 in Bhubaneswar.

20) Answer: C

Gottfried Böhm, the first German architect to be awarded the Pritzker Prize, has passed away. He was 101.

Born in 1920 near Frankfurt, Germany.Böhm, was the eighth winner of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize, was widely known for his concrete churches that were largely built in Germany.


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