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Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 of 10th & 11th October 2021. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) In which of the following year the world Mental Health Day was observed on 10th October?

(a) 1991

(b) 1992

(c) 1993

(d) 1994

(e) 1995

2) What is the theme of the International Day of the Girl Child 2021, observed annually on October 11?

(a) Girl Force: Unscripted and Unstoppable

(b) Girls Progress Goals’ Progress What Counts for Girls

(c) Empower Girls Before, during and after crises

(d) With Her A Skilled Girl Force

(e) Digital generation Our generation

3) The Ministry of Textiles has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit to implement ‘Sustainability and Value Added in the Cotton Economy’. GIZ is _____________based Company.

(a) France

(b) Russia

(c) Germany

(d) Israel

(e) None of these

4) On whose direction the 1st guidelines for cyber security in the power sector have been released?

(a) RK Singh

(b) Amit Shah

(c) Narendra Modi

(d) Ashwini Vaishnaw

(e) Anurag Thakur

5) Which country has recently joined the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People?

(a) France

(b) China

(c) Sweden

(d) India

(e) Denmark

6) Under which scheme the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the first ever National Infrastructure Masterplan?

(a) Swachh Bharat Mission

(b) Pradhan Mantri Gati Shakti


(d) Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

(e) None of these

7) The External Affairs Minister Jaishankar has visited which of the following country?

(a) Kyrgyz Republic

(b) Armenia

(c) Kazakhstan

(d) Both A & C

(e) All of these

8) The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Indian Space Association through video conferencing. Which among the following company are not its founding members?

(a) One Web

(b) Larson & Toubro

(c) Bharti Airtel

(d) Reliance Industries

(e) Mapmyindia

9) How many agreements have signed between India and Denmark to expand cooperation following bilateral talks in New Delhi?

(a) Four

(b) Six

(c) Eight

(d) Five

(e) Seven

10) India has signed an agreement with which of the following country for Forward Action Plan’ on power, clean transportation, renewables, green finance, and research as part of the 2030 roadmap?

(a) Denmark

(b) Sweden

(c) UK

(d) USA

(e) Japan

11) According to which organisation’s report titled ‘The report – 2021 State of the Education Report for India, Working Conditions of teachers in Northeast, aspirational districts is poor?



(c) UGC

(d) Both A & B

(e) Both A & C

12) Satish Chandra Sharma has been sworn in as the Chief Justice of which of the following state?

(a) Odisha

(b) Gujarat

(c) Arunachal Pradesh

(d) Telangana

(e) Jharkhand

13) For how many coal mines the Ministry of Coal has launched next round of auction process?

(a) 40

(b) 70

(c) 30

(d) 50

(e) 20

14) Which of the rating agency has predicted the credit growth of India is expected to be in the range of 7.5 per cent to 8.0 per cent for FY22?


(b) Fitch

(c) Moody

(d) S&P

(e) CARE Ratings

15) Which of the following bank has launched a Digital Lending Platform to enable its current and prospective customers to avail home and car loans through a paperless process?

(a) Bank of India

(b) Karnataka Bank

(c) Bank of Maharashtra

(d) Bank of Baroda

(e) Indian Bank

16) What is the reduced India’s GDP growth forecasted by Fitch Ratings from its current estimation of 10 %?

(a) 8.7%

(b) 9.1%

(c) 9.9%

(d) 8.8%

(e) 8.5%

17) What is the name of the Campaign launched by Punjab National Bank to offer financial services at a concessional rate during festival season?

(a) 6P Campaign

(b) 6A Campaign

(c) 6U Campaign

(d) 6S Campaign

(e) 6N Campaign

18) The State Bank of India has extended its partnership with which company for another five years?

(a) Microsoft

(b) TCS

(c) Wipro

(d) IBM

(e) Google India

19) Mohamed Béavogui has been appointed as the New Prime Minister of Guinea. What is the currency of Guinea?

(a) Dinar

(b) Dirham

(c) Dollar

(d) Euro

(e) Franc

20) Maria Ressa and Dmitry Andreyevich Muratov has together won the Nobel Peace Prize 2021.  Maria Ressa became ________ woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

(a) 22nd

(b) 25th

(c) 18th

(d) 11th

(e) 15th

21) Who among the following has addressed the Inaugural Session of the ICRIER’s 13th Annual International G-20 Conference?

(a) Piyush Goyal

(b) Narendra Modi

(c) Amit Shah

(d) Jaishankar

(e) Nirmala Sitharaman

22) Which organisation has conducted All India Official Language, Scientific and Technical Seminar?

(a) CBSE


(c) DRDO


(e) UGC

23) At which of the Naval Dockyard Indian Naval Fast Attack Craft (IN FAC) T-81 of Super Dvora MK II class has been decommissioned?

(a) Goa

(b) Chennai

(c) Vizag

(d) Mumbai

(e) Kochi

24) Which edition of Exercise Malabar 2021 would take place in the Bay of Bengal between the Quadrilateral group comprising India, Australia, Japan and the U.S?

(a) 21st

(b) 22nd

(c) 23rd

(d) 24th

(e) 25th

25) Who has authored the book titled, “The Custodian of Trust”?

(a) Shaktikantha Das

(b) Rajnish Kumar

(c) Anubrata Biswas

(d) Raghuram Rajan

(e) Urjit Patel

26) Who has won the F1 Turkish Grand Prix 2021 held at Istanbul Park in tuzla, Istanbul?

(a) Max Verstappen

(b) Sergio Perez

(c) Sebastian Vettel

(d) Lewis Hamilton

(e) Valtteri Bottas

27) Abdul Qadeer Khan, Father of clandestine nuclear programme passed away. He belonged to which country?

(a) Bangladesh

(b) Pakistan

(c) Saudi Arabia

(d) Afghanistan

(e) Oman

28) Abolhassan Banisadr of Iran passed away recently. He was a well known __________.

(a) Politician

(b) Actor

(c) Scientist

(d) Singer

(e) Cartoonist

Answers :

1) Answer: B

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year. This day tries to create awareness about mental health issues.

The theme for the World Mental Health Day 2021 is “mental health in an unequal world”

While the pandemic has affected everyone, people with long term health conditions, or facing discrimination or parenting on their own are struggling the most and need more support

World Mental Health Day is an international day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.

It was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organization with members and contacts in more than 150 countries.

2) Answer: E

The International Day of the Girl Child is observed annually on October 11, a date set by the United Nations to urge the global community to embolden gender equality impacts.

The theme this year is “Digital generation. Our generation.” International Day Of The Girl Child could be described as the brainchild of the World Conference on Women

International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations; it is also called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl. October 11, 2012, was the first Day of the Girl Child.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by world leaders in 2015, embody a roadmap for progress that is sustainable and leaves no one behind.

In 1995 at the World Conference on Women in Beijing countries unanimously adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action – the most progressive blueprint ever for advancing the rights of not only women but girls. The Beijing Declaration is the first to specifically call out girls’ rights.

3) Answer: C

The World Cotton Day, India’s Ministry of Textiles (MoT) supported by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (MoAFW) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Germany’s Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to implement projects on ‘Sustainability and Value Added in the Cotton Economy’.

The agreement was signed on Implementation Agreement of Indo German Technical Cooperation Project.

The objective of the project is `to increase the value addition from sustainable cotton production in India by focusing on sustainable cotton, and strengthening of downstream processing’.

The partnership targets to increase cotton production on 90,000 hectares of land in 4 States (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu) to increase the yield of Cotton by 10%, thereby supporting 1.5 lakh farmers.

The Textile Ministry will constitute a Steering committee to review its projects through Nodal officers in the 4 states.

4) Answer: A

The government of India has released 1st guidelines for cybersecurity in the power sector.

These guidelines were released under the direction of Union Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister Raj Kumar Singh and the Central Electricity Authority (CEA).

Objective is to create a cyber-secure ecosystem and strengthen the regulatory framework.

This is the first time the comprehensive guidelines for cybersecurity in the power sector were framed by the CEA.

Under the provision of Section 3(10) on Cyber Security in the “Central Electricity Authority (Technical Standards for Connectivity to the Grid) (Amendment) Regulations, 2019’’, the CEA has framed the guidelines.

5) Answer: D

India officially joined the High Ambition Coalition (HAC) for Nature and People during a ceremony between the French and Indian governments held at New Delhi, India.

In this regard, Rameshwar Prasad Gupta, Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Government of India handed over the signed HAC agreement to Emmanuel Lenain, Ambassador of France to India.

This joining comes ahead of high-level biodiversity meeting to be virtually hosted by China on October 11-15, 2021.

6) Answer: B

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the first ever National Infrastructure Masterplan, Pradhan Mantri Gati Shakti. The Gati Shakti scheme was announced by Modi on Independence Day this year.

This will bring together 16 Ministries, including seven core infrastructure sectors, on one platform to synergise project planning across stakeholder ministries to avoid duplication, expedite clearances and plug gaps at the right time.

The Gati Shakti Master Plan will provide the framework for the National Infrastructure Pipeline program and is aimed at making Indian products more competitive by cutting down the logistics costs and improving the supply chains.

The new initiative worth over one hundred lakh crore rupees will also bring employment opportunities to the youth. The plan is to attract investment from all over the world for improving the infrastructure of the country

7) Answer: E

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has visited Kyrgyzstan as part of his four-day visit to Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

He is delighted to visit Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan at the invitation of Foreign Affairs Minister of Kyrgyzstan Ruslan Kazakbae.

Dr Jaishankar has hold a bilateral meeting with the Foreign Minister of Kyrgyzstan apart from calling on the President of Kyrgyz Republic. Some agreements or MoUs are also expected to be signed during the visit.

He will attend the 6th Ministerial Meeting of the Conference of Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, CICA in Nur-Sultan.

Kazakhstan is the current Chair and initiator of the CICA Forum. Dr Jaishankar is also expected to hold bilateral talks with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan and call on the Kazakh leadership.

8) Answer: D

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Indian Space Association (ISpA) through video conferencing.

AIR correspondent reports, ISpA is the Premier Industry Association of Space and Satellite companies, which aspires to be the collective voice of the Indian Space industry.

ISpA is represented by leading home grown and global corporations with advanced capabilities in space and satellite technologies. Its founding members include Larson & Toubro, Nelco (Tata Group), OneWeb, Bharti Airtel, Mapmyindia, Walchandnagar Industries and Ananth Technology Limited.

Other core members include Godrej, Hughes India, Azista-BST Aerospace Private Limited, BEL, Centum Electronics, Maxar India.

Echoing the Prime Minister’s vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, ISpA will help in making India self-reliant, technologically advanced and a leading player in the space arena.

9) Answer: A

India and Denmark have inked four agreements and decided to expand cooperation following bilateral talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Danish counterpart Mette Frederiksen in New Delhi.

The agreements were signed in the field of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Traditional Knowledge Digital Library, on establishing a Centre of Excellence towards natural refrigerants for tropical climates with potential applications and on mapping of ground water resources and aquifers.

The two countries also decided to expand ties in the fields of health and agriculture.

India and Denmark have continued their cooperation even during the pandemic.

India and Denmark are two democratic nations and both believe in an international system based on rules.

10) Answer: C

India and the United Kingdom have agreed upon a ‘Forward Action Plan’ on power, clean transportation, renewables, green finance, and research as part of the 2030 roadmap.

It was co-chaired by Union Minister for Power and New & Renewable Energy, Shri R.K. Singh from the Indian side and the Rt Hon KwasiKwarteng MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) from the UK side.

The Forward Action Plan was discussed at the 3rd India-UK Energy for Growth Partnership – Ministerial Energy Dialogue comes in the run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-26), that will start from 31 October in Glasgow.

The action plan covers a range of topics including smart grids, energy storage, green hydrogen, charging infrastructure, battery storage and the need of mobilizing investments in renewable energy along with other proposals under multilateral collaboration.

Energy Transition was a major area of discussion in the dialogue & detail on the ongoing Energy Transition activities in their respective countries with focus on renewables, including solar, offshore wind, storage, EVs, alternative fuels.

11) Answer: B

This report is the 3rd edition of the SOER, an annual flagship report of UNESCO.

It analysed data from the Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE) 2018-19 and the periodic labour force survey 2018-19.

In accordance with the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) report titled ‘The report – 2021 State of the Education Report (SOER) for India: No Teachers, No Class’, Indian teachers are facing basic amenities like toilets in northeast and aspirational districts. There are disparities for the same between urban and rural schools.

12) Answer: D

Justice Satish Chandra Sharma has been sworn in as the Chief Justice of Telangana high Court. Telangana Governor Dr Tamilesai Sounderarajan has administered the oath of office at a ceremonial programme held at Darbar Hall of the Raj Bhavan in Hyderabad.

Justice Satish Chandra Sharma, who is currently serving as acting chief justice of Karnataka High Court, did his Bachelor of Laws from Dr Harisingh Gour University, Sagar, in 1983.

Appointed as the Senior Advocate by the Madhya Pradesh High Court in 2003, and got elevated as a Judge of the high court in 2009. He was transferred to Karnataka High Court in January this year and later assumed charge as the Acting Chief Justice in August.

He is also on the Advisory Board of National Law Institute University, Bhopal, and has published numerous research and papers.

13) Answer: A

The Ministry of Coal has launched next round of auction process for 40 new coal mines for sale of coal.

Union Minister of Coal and Mines Pralhad Joshi will be the chief guest of the launch event.

Since the Ministry has entered into a rolling auction mechanism, the coal mines rolled over from the previous tranche will also be on offer.

Ministry of Coal under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a continuous journey to reform the coal sector and unlock value for the nation’s economy.

The success of these auctions will help in further strengthening the vision of an Aatmanirbhar Bharat as it will help reduce India’s coal imports and ensure energy security.

14) Answer: E

Bank credit to grow at 7.5- 8.0 percent for FY’22: CARE Ratings. The outlook for bank credit growth is expected to be in the range of 7.5 per cent to 8.0 per cent for FY22 on the back of a low base effect, economic expansion, extended Emergency Credit (ECLGS) support, and retail credit push

The medium-term prospects look promising with diminished corporate stress and increased provisioning levels across banks. Retail loan segment is expected to do well as compared with industry and service segments.

To attract borrowers several banks have slashed the home loan interest rates as a special offer in the festive season.

State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda and Kotak Mahindra Bank have reduced their home loan rates by 45 bps, 25 bps, and 15 bps, respectively

Similarly, foreign banks have also started to pitch for home loans at lower interest rates. HSBC India reduced home loan interest rates by 10 bps to 6.45 per cent.

15) Answer: C

Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) has launched a Digital Lending Platform which will enable its current and prospective customers to avail home and car loans through a paperless process at the convenience of their place and time of choice.

The platform provides ‘in-principle approval’ for home loans and car loans instantly on filling in the required information digitally without human intervention,

Customers can avail the digital lending facility by visiting the bank’s website. The bank underscored that the platform is capable of validating KYC, CIBIL and financial information of the loan applicant and provide ‘in-principle approval’ in a hassle-free manner.

The Bank has taken several measures to strengthen its digitisation process internally, thereby facilitating delivery of hassle-free services

16) Answer: A

Fitch Ratings, an American credit rating agency, in its latest ‘APAC (Asia-Pacific) Sovereign Credit Overview 4Q21’ has reduced India’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth forecast for FY22 to 8.7 percent from 10 percent.

It has increased the growth forecast for FY23 to 10 percent from an earlier estimation of 8.5 percent.

It expects the APAC growth to recover to 6.3 percent in 2021 and 5.3 percent in 2022 from 0.8 percent contraction in 2020.

It has also retained the India’s BBB-/Negative sovereign rating due to a sharp drop in public finances due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

17) Answer: D

Punjab National Bank (PNB) launched the “6S Campaign” under customer outreach programme to offer financial services at a concessional rate during festival season.

The campaign encapsulates various schemes such as Swabhiman, Samruddhi, Sampark and Shikhar, Sankalp and Swagat.

Objective is to create awareness about the development of financial services in India.

To accelerate the credit growth to improve the penetration of social security schemes and drive digital banking.

18) Answer: B

State Bank of India (SBI) extended its partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for another five years.

Under this partnership, SBI uses TCS BaNCS for which TCS maintain and enhance SBI’s application for core banking, trade finance, financial reporting, and financial inclusion.

TCS BaNCS was launched in 2001.

19) Answer: E

The Interim Government of Guinea led by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya has appointed Mohamed Béavogui(68 years old), a former civil servant and expert in agricultural finance as the New Prime Minister(PM) of Guinea.

Mohamed Béavogui will serve as the PM during the transition period of Guinea. He replaces Ibrahima Kassory Fofana, who served as the PM of Guinea from 2018 to September 2021.

About Guinea:

  • Interim President– Mamady Doumbouya
  • Prime Minister– Mohamed Béavogui
  • Capital– Conakry
  • Currency– Guinean Franc

20) Answer: C

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 to Maria Ressa, journalist from Philippines and Dmitry Andreyevich Muratov, journalist from Russia for their efforts to protect the freedom of expression, the precondition of democracy and lasting peace.

The prize carries a gold medal and a cash prize of 10 million Swedish krona (~Rs 8.5 crore) which will be shared equally between the 2 laureates.

Maria Ressa is the 18th woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Peace Prize 2021 was announced by Berit Reiss-Andersen, Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

21) Answer: A

Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal addressed the Inaugural Session of the ICRIER’s 13th Annual International G-20 Conference.

He called for pursuing a more inclusive and equitable agenda at the G20.

He called upon the G20 to play a leadership role for People, Planet and Collective Prosperity.

The G20 is the international forum that brings together the world’s major economies. Its members account for more than 80% of world GDP, 75% of global trade and 60& of the population of the planet

22) Answer: C

A premier laboratory of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Integrated Test Range (ITR) Chandipur, organised All India Official Language, Scientific and Technical Seminar on October 06-07, 2021.

It was hosted by ITR with the theme ‘Test and Evaluation of Defence Products: The Necessity and Achievements’.

The seminar was formally inaugurated by Member of Parliament and Chairman, Standing Committee on Defence Shri Jual Oram.

23) Answer: D

On Oct 07, 2021, Indian Naval Fast Attack Craft (IN FAC) T-81 of Super Dvora MK II class was decommissioned at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai, Maharashtra with Rear Admiral V Srinivas, Flag Officer Commanding Maharashtra Naval Area, as chief guest.

It is the 25-metre long vessel, with 60-ton displacement, was built at Goa Shipyard Limited in collaboration with M/s Ramta of Israel,

It was commissioned into the Navy on June 5, 1999.

The ship, specially designed for shallow waters, could achieve speeds of up to 45 knots.

It had the capability of day and night surveillance and reconnaissance, search and rescue, beach insertion, extraction of marine commandos and high-speed interception of intruder craft.

24) Answer: E

The second phase of Exercise Malabar 2021, between the Quadrilateral group comprising India, Australia, Japan and the U.S will take place in the Bay of Bengal from October 12 to 15, 2021

It is the 25th edition of MALABAR.

The Indian Navy will participate with INS Ranvijay, INS Satpura, P8I Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft and a Submarine.

Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF), Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the United States Navy (USN) are the other participants in the exercise.

The US Navy will be represented by the Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson along with two destroyers, USS Lake Champlain and USS Stockdale.

25) Answer: B

A New Debut Book Titled The Custodian of Trust authored by former chairman of State Bank of India (SBI) Rajnish Kumar will hit the stands on October 18.

The Book is published by Penguin Random House India (PRHI) under Penguin’s ‘Viking’ imprint.

26) Answer: E

On Oct 10, 2021, Mercedes-Finland driver Valtteri Bottas won the F1 Turkish Grand Prix 2021 held at Istanbul Park in tuzla, Istanbul.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen finished second & Red Bull team mate Sergio Perez finished third.

Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton finished fifth.

27) Answer: B

On Oct 10, 2021, Father of Pakistan’s clandestine nuclear programme, Abdul Qadeer Khan passed away.

He was 85.

28) Answer: A

On Oct 09, 2021,Iran’s first president after the 1979 Islamic revolution, Abolhassan Banisadr Passed away.

He was 88.


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