Daily Current Affairs Quiz – 29th & 30th August 2021


Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 of 29th & 30th August 2021. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2021 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) The National Sports Day has been observed every year on August 29 to commemorate the birth anniversary of whom?

(a) Dhyan Chand

(b)Kishan Lal

(c) Balbir Singh

(d) Milkha Singh

(e) Udham Singh

2) The International Day against Nuclear Tests has been observed on August 29.Which of the following city was a first nuclear-free nation in 1980?

(a) Vanuatu

(b) Timor Timur

(c) Phnom Penh

(d) Palau

(e) None of these

3) On which of the following date National Small Industry Day has been observed every year?

(a)August 27

(b) August 30

(c)August 29

(d)August 28

(e)August 31

4) Which of the organisation has observed August 30 as the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances?

(a) UN


(c) Amnesty International

(d)Both A & B

(e) Both A & C

5) Who among the following has inaugurated65-day long Ramayana Conclave in Ayodhya?

(a) Narendra Modi

(b)Kishan Reddy

(c) Ram Nath Kovind

(d) Amit Shah

(e) Prahald Joshi

6) The Army Sports Institute stadium has been renamed as “Neeraj Chopra Stadium” by the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. The stadium is located in which city?

(a) Bokaro



(d) Jaisalmer

(e) Pune

7) The government has extended the deadline for making payments under the direct tax dispute resolution scheme Vivad Se Vishwas till _____________________.

(a)August 30

(b)September 30

(c) October 31

(d)October 30

(e) August 31

8) Which of the following statement is not true regarding “Bharat series (BH-series)” registration?

(a)Both Government and privateemployees should transfer the registration from the parent state to another state under section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1980.

(b)The passenger should get No Objection Certificate from the Parent State for assignment of a new registration mark in another state.

(c) The passenger must assign a new registration mark after the road tax on prorata basis is paid in the new State

(d) The passenger might apply for refund of the road tax in the parent State on pro rata basis.

(e)All are true

9) Which of the following federation has been recognised as self-regulatory body by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting?

(a) News Readers Federation

(b) News Journal Federation

(c)News papers Federation

(d) News Broadcasters Federation

(e) News Observatory Federation

10) The Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana has completed ___________ years as on 2021.


(b) 6years



(e) 9years

11) Which of the following ministry has inaugurated the e-Photo exhibition namely ‘Making of the Constitution” and Virtual Film Poster Exhibition ‘[email protected]’?

(a)Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

(b) Ministry of Tourism

(c) Ministry of Culture

(d) Both A & B

(e)Both A & C

12) The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dedicated a renovated complex of Jallianwala Bagh Smarak to the nation through video conferencing. It is located in which state?

(a) Rajasthan

(b) Punjab

(c) Gujarat

(d) Uttar Pradesh

(e) Bihar

13) A mobile digital movie theatre, a highest theatre in the world has been launched in Ladakh. Which among the following film has screened for army at the theatre?

(a) Bell Bottom

(b) Shershaah

(c) Big Bull

(d) Radhe

(e) Bhuj: The Pride of India

14) The Maharashtra government has launched which among the following special mission for women from poor families who have lost their husbands to coronavirus infection?

(a)Mission Vahaana

(b)Mission Vindhya

(c)Mission Vihara

(d) Mission Vandhana

(e) Mission Vatsalya

15) The new plant of Bharat Biotech has released its first commercial batch of Covaxin. The new plant is located in which state/UT?

(a) New Delhi

(b) Ladakh

(c) Gujarat

(d) Maharashtra

(e) Assam

16) The Reserve Bank of India has increased the India to Nepal remittances limit to ___________ from Rs 50,000 per remittance.

(a)Rs.2 lakh


(c)Rs.1 lakh

(d)Rs.1.5 lakh

(e)Rs.3 lakh

17) The Reserve Bank of India has increased incentives for banks for the distribution of coins to the public to Rs 65 per bag with effect from September 1.What was its previous Limit?

(a)Rs 15 per bag

(b)Rs 45 per bag

(c)Rs 35 per bag

(d)Rs 25 per bag

(e)Rs 55 per bag

18) Which Insurance company has introduced a new mobile application, ANANDA to facilitate the on boarding of prospective customers?

(a) HDFC Life Insurance

(b) Life Insurance Corporation

(c)Max Life Insurance

(d) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

(e) SBI Life Insurance

19) Who among the following has been appointed as the Managing Director of National Food Security Mission?

(a) Arjith Kumar

(b) Prashant Mehta

(c) Sanjay Agarwal

(d) Prem Chand

(e) Pramod Kumar

20) Mohammad Eslami has been appointed as the new director of nuclear department of which country?

(a) Pakistan


(c) Iran

(d) Morocco

(e) Israel

21) Which among the Power Corporation has bagged the Confederation of Indian Industry Energy Leader Award-2021?

(a) Power Grid

(b) Adani Power

(c) NTPC

(d) Tata Power

(e) NHPC

22) Which defence firm has launched the third edition of the week-long annual exercise called ‘Gandiv’?

(a) Indian Army

(b) Indian Coast Guard

(c)National Cadet Cops

(d)Central Reserve Police Force

(e)National Security Guard

23) Which Offshore Patrol Vessel has been commissioned by the defence minister Rajnath Singh into the Indian coast guard?

(a) ICGS Vigraha

(b)ICGS Sangram

(c)ICGS Kesari

(d) ICGS Tir

(e)ICGS Varaha

24) India along with which country has conducted a joint exercise in the Gulf of Aden?

(a) Thailand

(b) France

(c) Russia

(d) Germany

(e) Australia

25) Avani Lekhara has won country’s first gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympics.She associates with which of the following sports?



(c) Javelin

(d) High jumping

(e) Wrestling

26) Who has won silver medal at 2020 Paralympic Games at Tokyo in the women’s singles summit clash?

(a) Deepa Malik

(b) Sharath Kamal

(c) Devendra Jhajharia

(d) Bhavinaben Patel

(e) None of these

27) Roderick Townsendhas clinched a gold medal in the men’s high jump event at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020. He belongs to which country?

(a) USA

(b) Switzerland

(c) Austria

(d) Italy

(e) England

28) Max Verstappen has been emerged as the winner of Belgian Grand Prix. He associated with which company?

(a) Mercedes

(b) Ferrari

(c) Red Bull

(d) McLaren

(e) Alpine

29) The Fit India Mobile Application has been launched by Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Anurag Singh Thakur. Who is the secretary of Sports?

(a)Hema Chand

(b)Janaki Krishnan

(c)Neha Agarwal

(d)P J Bhanu

(e)Usha Sharma

Answers :

1) Answer: A

National Sports Day is a public holiday celebrated in various countries to honour the national sports teams and sport it ions of those countries.

On this day people from different age groups take a part in sports like kabaddi, marathon, basketball, hockey etc.

Major Dhyan Chand, widely known as the “Hockey Wizard” and “The Magician”, was born on August 29, 1905.

The day is celebrated on 29th August every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand.

This day marks the birthday of Major Dhyan Chand Singh, the hockey player who won gold medals in Olympics for India in the years 1928, 1932 and 1936.

First National Sports Day was celebrated in India on 29 August 2012.

2) Answer: D

The International Day against Nuclear Tests is observed on August 29.

It was established on December 2, 2009, at the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly by the resolution 64/35, which was adopted unanimously.

Palau became the first nuclear-free nation in 1980.

New Zealand was the first Western-allied nation to legislate towards a national nuclear free zone by effectively renouncing the nuclear deterrent.

The International Day against Nuclear Tests aims to raise people’s awareness on the need to prevent nuclear catastrophes to avert devastating effects on humankind, the environment and the planet.

3) Answer: B

National Small Industry Day 2021 is on August 30.

The day is celebrated to make the small scale business sector stronger and promote their well-being.

The society as a whole looks forward to the business sector and promotes the small scale industry.

Small scale industries are those businesses that are sent out on a small scale and are usually run with the aid of local artisans and workers.

Small Scale Industries is an industrial project with decided assets in investment plants and tools.

This investment goal changes from time to time by the government.

Small scale businesses and cottage industries have worked a vital part in the Indian economy.

The best quality gains have been produced in the base and cottage manufacturers of India.

Although this area like other Indian businesses experienced a huge drop in British rule, it has grown at a very fast step after independence.

4) Answer: E

The International Day of the Disappeared, on August 30 of each year, is a day created to draw attention to the fate of individuals imprisoned at places and under poor conditions unknown to their relatives and/or legal representatives.

International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances is marked every year on August 30 to honour and pay tribute to people who have faced enforced disappearances.

Global organisations UN and Amnesty International observe this day to raise awareness about how enforced disappearance is a crime and should not be used as a tool to deal with situations of conflict.

More than 6,000 people were registered as missing in Kosovo since 1999.

Hence, the resource centre for missing persons in Kosovo has also been initiated by the UN.

5) Answer: C

President of India Ram Nath Kovind stated that the values of Indian tradition and culture are contained in holy Ramayana and the human values implied in Ramayana will always be relevant for the world.

He stated that Rama belongs to everyone and he is in everyone.

He was noted at the inauguration of65-day long Ramayana Conclave in Ayodhya.

Ramayana not just tells about the ways to economic prosperity but also the ways to lead the humanity.

It also tells how humans should behave with others and tells the relationship between Rulers and the common people also.

Ayodhya and Ramayana provide cultural power to our relationship with other countries.

President mentioned that there is no Ayodhya without Rama that is why this place is called Ayodhya because Ayodhya means with whom no one can fight.

President stated that in this Covid era, our ancient prayer has become relevant which says that all become prosperous and disease free.

6) Answer: E

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh visited the Army Sports Institute (ASI), Pune and renamed the Army Sports Institute stadium as “Neeraj Chopra Stadium” to honour Neeraj Chopra for winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

It was accompanied by Chief of Army Staff, General Manoj Mukund Naravane and Southern Army Commander, Lieutenant General JS Nain.

The Indian Army’s “Mission Olympics” programme was launched in 2001 with intent to deliver medal-winning performances in the Olympics and other international events.

7) Answer: B

The government extended by a month the deadline for making payments under the direct tax dispute resolution scheme Vivad Se Vishwas till September 30.

The scheme provides for settlement of disputed tax, interest, penalty or fees in relation to an assessment or reassessment order on payment of 100 per cent of the disputed tax and 25 per cent of the disputed penalty or interest or fee.

The taxpayer is granted immunity from levy of interest, penalty and institution of any proceeding for prosecution for any offence under the Income Tax Act in respect of matters covered in the declaration.

“Considering the difficulties being faced in issuing and amending Form no 3, which is a prerequisite for making payment by the declarant under Vivad se Vishwas Act, it has been decided to extend the last date of payment of the amount (without any additional amount) to September 30, 2021”.

The ministry had in June extended the deadline for making payments under the scheme till August 31.

However, taxpayers have the option to make payments till October 31, with an additional amount of interest.

8) Answer: A

Govt launches “Bharat series (BH-series)” registration mark to facilitate seamless transfer of vehicles.Government has taken a host of citizen centric steps to facilitate mobility.

An IT based solution for vehicle registration is one such effort.

However, one of the pain points in the vehicle registration process that needed attention was re-registration of a vehicle while moving to another state.

Station relocation occurs with both Government and private sector employees.

Such movements create a sense of unease in the minds of such employees with regard to transfer of registration from the parent state to another state as, under section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a person is allowed to keep the vehicle for not more than 12 months in any state other than the state where the vehicle is registered, but a new registration with the new state- registering authority has to be made within the stipulated time of 12 months.

A passenger vehicle user takes the following steps to re-register a vehicle:

(i) No Objection Certificate from the Parent State for assignment of a new registration mark in another state.

(ii) Assignment of new registration mark after the road tax on prorata basis is paid in the new State

(ii) Application for refund of the road tax in the parent State on pro rata basis.

This provision to get refund from the parent State on pro rata basis is a very cumbersome process and varies from one State to another.

9) Answer: D

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has officially recognised the News Broadcasters Federation”s (NBF) self-regulatory body.

NBF stated that the granting of official status by the MIB to the NBF makes the body the only institution of its kind in the entire country to get the accreditation from the government of India.

“The NBF’s self-regulatory body’s emergence as the sole body to meet all criteria to be granted validation by the Union of India and be the only recognised body regulating the news media sector as on-date once again reiterates the commitment of the largest news broadcasters body to the fundamentals of transparency, accountability and strong self-regulation”.

With the NBF’s Professional News Broadcasters Standards Authority (”PNBSA”) being recognised by the government of India, the body is set to build a robust system with the highest standards of transparency and accountability, and one that has set an unmatched precedent in the domain of news media vis-a-vis self-regulation.

PNBSA is the only body in the country that has successfully demonstrated compliance with national standards in the domain of news media.

As the only accredited self-regulatory body for news media, the PNBSA has undergone rigorous scrutiny.

“The NBF has already established itself as a pillar for news media organisations who have chosen to be members of the body and made it the largest-ever group of news broadcasters in India”.

10) Answer: C

The Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) completed seven years and the Union Ministry of Finance stated that over 430 million accounts have been opened under the scheme as on August 18, 2021.

The scheme has been acclaimed as “one of the biggest financial inclusion initiatives in the world”.

Bank accounts under PMJDY have increased to 43 Crore with total deposits over Rs. 1.46 lakh crore is no doubt, a great landmark in Government Flagship Programme.

Out of the 43.04 Crore PMJDY accounts, 36.86 Crore or 85.6 per cent are operative.

The total RuPay cards issued to PMJDY account holders rose to 31.23 Crore is another milestone in the PMJDY.

11) Answer: D

Union minister of information and broadcasting, and youth affairs and sports, Anurag Thakur along with Union minister of tourism G Kishan Reddy inaugurated the e-Photo exhibition namely ‘Making of the Constitution” and Virtual Film Poster Exhibition ‘[email protected]’.

The programme was organised as part of the ‘Iconic Week’ being celebrated by the Ministry of I&B along with various media units to celebrate Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, aimed at showcasing the journey of New India and celebrate the contribution of freedom fighters including the ‘Unsung Heroes’ of the freedom struggle through massive outreach activities.

12) Answer: B

As the Jallianwala Bagh massacre marked 102 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated a renovated complex of Jallianwala Bagh Smarak to the nation through video conferencing.

Besides this, the Prime Minister also inaugurated museum galleries developed at the Smarak.

This virtual event was also attended by Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh.

The Jallianwala Bagh massacre, also known as the Amritsar massacre, took place on April 13, 1919.

A large but peaceful crowd had gathered at the Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar, Punjab, to protest against the arrest of pro-Indian independence leaders Dr Saifuddin Kitchlu and Dr Satya Pal.

13) Answer: A

A newly launched mobile digital movie theatre in Ladakh has made history as the highest theatre in the world.

The inflatable theatre has been established at an altitude of 11,562 feet at the Paldan area of Leh in Ladakh.

Bollywood film Bell Bottom, starring Akshay Kumar and the short film Sekool were screened for the army at the theatre.

To bring cinema watching experience to most remote areas, a mobile theatre, situated at an altitude of 11,562 ft, was introduced in Leh.

‘It offers affordable tickets & has several facilities. Seating arrangement is also good”.

14) Answer: E

The Maharashtra government has launched a special mission for women from poor families who have lost their husbands to coronavirus infection which aims to provide a bunch of services under one roof.

“The new programme- ”Mission Vatsalya”- has been designed for widows, especially from rural areas who come from poor backgrounds and deprived sections.

Due to the death of the sole breadwinner in their families, their hardship is increased.

Considering these all aspects, a bunch of 18 benefits, schemes, and services will be provided to these widows under one roof”.

In the last 18 months, 15,095 women lost their husbands due to COVID-19 infection.

15) Answer: C

The first commercial batch of Covaxin was released from the new plant of Bharat Biotech at Ankleshwar in Gujarat’s Bharuch district by Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya.

“Vaccination is the most important thing to strengthen the country’s fight against coronavirus.

Released the first commercial batch of #COVAXIN from Bharat Biotech’s plant at Ankleshwar, Gujarat.

This will increase the supply of vaccine in the country and will help the vaccine reach every Indian”.

The government had earlier this month given approval to Bharat Biotech’s Ankleshwar-based manufacturing plant to produce anti-COVID-19 vaccine Covaxin.

16) Answer: A

The Reserve Bank hiked the ceiling on remittances per transaction from India to Nepal to Rs.2 lakh from Rs.50, 000, a move that will help facilitate retirement and pension-related payments to ex-servicemen settled in the neighbouring country.

Besides, the central bank has removed the cap of 12 remittances in a year per remitter.

“As hitherto, banks shall accept remittances by way of cash from walk-in customers or non-customers.

The ceiling of Rs 50,000 per remittance with a maximum of 12 remittances in a year shall, however, continue to apply for such remittances”.

While increasing the ceiling, RBI has also advised banks to put in place suitable velocity checks and other risk mitigation procedures.

“The enhancements are also expected to facilitate payments relating to retirement, pension, etc., to our ex-servicemen who have settled/ relocated in Nepal”.

17) Answer: D

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has increased incentives for banks for the distribution of coins to the general public to Rs 65 per bag with effect from September 1.

Currently, the incentive is Rs 25 per bag.

An additional incentive of Rs 10 per bag would be paid for coin distribution in rural and semi-urban areas on the submission of a auditor certificate to this effect.

The distribution of coins shall also be verified by RBI Regional Offices during inspection of currency chest or incognito visit to branches among others.

RBI mentioned that with a view to meet the coin requirements of bulk customers (requirement of more than 1 bag in a single transaction), banks are advised to provide coins to such customers purely for business transactions.

The banks may also endeavour to provide such services as part of their Board approved policy on ‘Door Step Banking’ services.

18) Answer: B

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has introduced a new mobile application for its agents and intermediaries to facilitate the on boarding of prospective customers.

The mobile application is the latest dimension of the Atma Nirbhar Agents New Business Digital Application or ANANDA, the paperless solution for new business processes,that the insurance company had introduced last year.

The new app was launched by Chairperson M.R. Kumar in the presence of managing directors and other senior officials of LIC.

LIC stated that the app was a digital tool to get new customers on board using a paperless process.

19) Answer: E

The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC), appointed Pramod Kumar Meherda, a 1997-batch IAS officer, Odisha cadre, as Managing Director (MD) in National Food Security Mission (NFSM) which comes underneath the Agriculture and Farmers Welfare division.

Pramod Kumar, Indian Forest Administrative Service (lAS) batch-1997 from Odisha Cadre, has been appointed as Managing Director for a mixed tenure of 5 years from the date of assumption of the cost of the put up or till additional orders.

The appointment of Pramod Kumar Meherda together with a number of others has been accepted by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) which is headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

20) Answer: C

Iran’s president appointed a new director of the country’s nuclear department, state TV reported, replacing the nation’s most prominent nuclear scientist with a minister who has no reported experience in nuclear energy but ties to the defence ministry.

Iran’s newly elected hard-line President Ebrahim Raisi chose Mohammad Eslami, a 64-year-old civil engineer who previously oversaw the country’s road network, to lead Iran’s civilian nuclear program and serve as one of several vice presidents.

He succeeds Ali Akbar Salehi, a US-educated scientist who was a key player during the years of intense international diplomacy that led to Tehran’s now-tattered 2015 landmark nuclear deal with world powers.

21) Answer: C

National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Ramagundam, has bagged the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Energy Leader Award-2021.

The award was present during the virtual CII energy summit, held between August 24 and 27.

The unit in Ramagundam is the only station of the NTPC to get the top award in power category.

This is the third consecutive year that NTPC-Ramagundam bagged the prestigious award.

The CII Energy Leader Award is conferred for exemplary performance and contribution in the area of energy efficiency and environment protection and implementation of energy management system as per ISO 50001 standards.

22) Answer: E

The third edition of the week-long annual exercise called ‘Gandiv’ launched by the National Security Guard (NSG) from August 22 to August 28.

Gandiv was the name of Arjuna’s bow in Mahabharata.

Aim :

Enhancing the counter-terror skills of the state administration, police, anti-terrorist squads and also creating awareness among the public.

The drills are aimed to “validate the planning parameters” of the commando pressure within the occasion of a terrorist assault, hijack of a plane or hostage state of affairs.

It was held at multiple cities in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and the national capital region by NSG to check its response time and reaction to hostage and hijack-like situations.

23) Answer: A

On Aug 28, 2021, Union defence minister Rajnath Singh commissioned the L&T built Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) ICGS Vigraha into the Indian coast guard.

The commissioning ceremony took place in Chennai, TamilNadu, and it was witnessed by Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin and army chief Manoj Mukund Naravane among others.

The ship will be based in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and operate on the eastern seaboard under the Operational and Administrative Control of the Commander, Coast Guard Region (East).

The ICG, with this ship joining the fleet, will have 157 ships and 66 aircraft in its inventory.

24) Answer: D

On Aug 26, 2021, Navies of India and Germany conducted a joint exercise in the Gulf of Aden.

The Indian Navy was represented by the frigate “Trikand” while the German Navy was represented by the frigate “Bayern”.

Aim :

To enhance interoperability and exchange of best practices between the navies of the two countries in maritime domain.

The exercise included cross deck helo (helicopter) landings and visit board search and seizure operations.

25) Answer: B

Indian paralympic shooter Avani Lekhara won country’s first gold medal in shooting at the Tokyo Paralympics in the women’s 10m air rifle standing SH1 event.

Avani Lekhara is India’s first woman to win a Paralympic Gold Medal.

Lekhara,19, won the gold medal with a total score of 249.6 in the final.

China’s Cuiping Zhang won silver with 248.9 and Ukraine’s Iryna Shchetnik took bronze with a total of 227.5.

Lekhara became the fourth Indian athlete to win a gold medal at the Paralympics after swimmer Murlikant Petkar in 1972, javelin thrower Devendra Jhajharia in 2004 and 2016 and high jumper Thangavelu Mariyappan in 2016.

26) Answer: D

On Aug 29, 2021, In table tennis, 34-year-old Indian paddler Bhavinaben Patel clinched the silver medal at 2020 Paralympic Games at Tokyo in the women’s singles summit clash.

This is the first medal for India at the ongoing Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020 and 13th overall.

She lost the Gold medal match 3-0 to China’s Zhou Ying in the women’s singles class 4 final.

Patel is the first table tennis player ever to win a medal at the Paralympics for India and the second female athlete after PCI chief Deepa Malik to achieve the feat. Malik had won silver at Rio 2016 in women’s shot put.

27) Answer: A

On Aug 29, 2021, 23-year-old High jumper Nishad Kumar clinched a silver medal in the men’s high jump T46/47 event at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020.

He made a jump of 2.06m, and in doing so created an Asian record.

With this win, it is a second medal for India at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

USA’s Roderick Townsend won gold with a jump of 2.15m & Dallas Wise won bronze with a jump of 2.06 m.

India’s Rampal Chahar finished at the fifth spot with a jump of 1.94m.

28) Answer: C

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen emerged as the winner of Belgian Grand Prix.

The Belgian Grand Prix was stopped due to rain and only two laps were completed.

The winner was decided based on progress made in these two laps.

George Russell, Williams came second and Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes came third.

List of Top 10 Positions :

1.Max Verstappen, Red Bull – 12.5 points

2.George Russell, Williams – 9 points

3.Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes – 7.5 points

4.Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren – 6 points

5.Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin – 5 points

6.Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri – 4 points

7.Esteban Ocon, Alpine – 3 points

8.Charles Leclerc, Ferrari – 2 points

9.Nicholas Latifi, Williams, 1 points

10.Carlos Sainz, Ferrari, 0.5 points

The next round of the 2021 F1 World Championship is the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort on September 5.

29) Answer: E

On Aug 29, 2021,On the occasion of the second anniversary of the Fit India Movement, the Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Shri Anurag Singh Thakur launched the Fit India Mobile Application at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi. Usha Sharma , IAS, Youth Affairs Secretary Ravi Mital, IAS, Sports Secretary

About FIT India Mobile App :

The Fit India App is free and available in English & Hindi on both the Android and the iOS platforms.

Objective :

To empower every Indian to check their fitness level based on a set of age specific fitness tests and get specific recommendations on how to improve their fitness level through physical activities including yoga protocols


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